What You Need to Bring to a College Class

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Preparing for college classes isn’t complicated and shouldn’t be stressful, so don’t sweat it. The first day of college is the same as the first day of high school (can you even remember your first day?). Technically, you only need the basics:

  • Composition notebooks
  • Pens and pencils

Your teacher will hand out the course syllabus on the first day. It outlines the course, including topics, assignments and due dates. Your prof might spend the entire class just going over the syllabus (score!) or (s)he might begin lecturing. You’ll need that pen and notebook just in case, so, whatever you do, don’t forget those.

But here are some extras that we highly recommend bringing to class:

  • Laptop or netbook - I always learn things best by writing things out, not by typing, so make sure you absorb the material well with this method. Also, check with the prof to make sure they don’t disallow computers; some profs are sort of ancient that way.
  • Sweater or Blazer - It may be hot outside, but you can bet it won’t be inside. The A/C is cranked in most classrooms, and one of the best pieces of advice I ever received was to bring a cardigan my first day of class.
  • Planner - Maybe only nerds used your high school organizer, but I guarantee you’ll appreciate it in college. Jot down when assignments are due ASAP and mark your homework. Seriously, I wouldn’t have survived my freshman year without one.
  • Beverage - Try not to forget your water bottle or coffee/tea mug. My colleague Jesse swears by leak-proof Contigo travel mugs (get coupon). He seriously praises this brand every. single. day.
  • An open mind! – Sorry, it’s so cheesy, but I had to.

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