What NOT to Get Your Partner on Valentine’s Day

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Love how blissful your relationship is? It’s great when everything feels like a romantic movie, isn’t it? Yes, well, even romance movies have high climaxes when your gut wrenches for the couple because the dude – or diva – sets off a bomb. If you want to avoid being that person and desire to keep things sweet and peaceful, just read this post about what NOT to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, and all is cool. No pressure!

What Not to Get for Her

Workout equipment – Dude, do you know what it feels like to have a door slammed in your face? Even if it’s just inches from your nose, it hurts. Yes, it’s confusing because she often complains that she wishes she could lose a few pounds, so you think you’re picking up on a good gift idea. But that’s not the message you’ll be sending at all!

Cleaning tools – She won’t think: Wow, he’s really been listening to me when I say I wish keeping up with the house work was easier. I’m so lucky to have someone who really hears me. That’s how it might play in your head, but what she’s more likely to say when she opens the box is: What the *%#! is this?

Kitchen gear – It doesn’t matter if the infomercial says the gizmo will chop everything up, toss it in a pan and cook it to perfection so the host won’t have lift a finger – the message will always seem chauvinistic.

Tooth-whitening appointment – You like your teeth, right? Don’t get her this gift!

What Not to Get for Him

Power tools – It doesn’t matter if you’ve asked him to build a shelf in the laundry room 40 times. Don’t use this day to remind him about it again. This is a day to make him feel appreciated for everything else he’s done for you.

3-pack of tighty whities – Seriously? He’s most likely received this gift for his first 18 Christmases from his mother. Don’t like being told you’re so like her? Then put the Fruit of the Looms down.

Socks – Yes, his current ones have holes in them and they’ve gone from a bright white to a dull grey. You can get him new socks, but do that on any Wednesday, not Valentine’s Day.

Deodorant – No matter how great the commercial is, deodorant is not an enhancer of romance. In fact, getting deodorant for your man is actually a romance killer. How would you feel if he got you feminine hygiene spray? Exactly!

Do you have any tips for gifts not to get for Valentine’s Day? Even better, any stories about consequence when you did buy any of these items?

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