Weight Loss Tips for Lazy Dieters

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Ugh. Dieting and weight loss is so hard. Really – all that counting up calories and running for miles. Who has time for that? But even if you think you have zero time to lose weight, there are a few quick and easy weight loss tips that even the laziest dieter can do.

Walk More

Diets for lazy people are all about doing something that is the least disruptive to your routine. So, I’m not talking about getting all geared up and doing laps around the neighborhood (really!). Just incorporate little things into your routine. Take the stairs whenever possible and park farther away from the mall. Also get this Biggest Loser Body Bugg. Not only can you track your actual steps, but people will automatically think you’re exercising like crazy because you have a gadget. Awesome.

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Eat! Eat!

Think dieting means subsisting on lettuce leaves and celery sticks? No way. When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to eat smaller meals, but more of them. Tip: make most of your meals on one day, or at least cut up the veggies and get everything organized. Then you just have to grab it and go, or throw it in the pot without the prep time.

Also check out food plans that work with your lifestyle. The Alternate Day Diet gives you every other day off, so if you have a dinner with friends coming up it’s no big deal if you cheat a bit.

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Sit Still – Actively

Even when you don’t feel like going out of the house, or even really standing up for that matter, you can still use those muscles. Instead of lying down on the couch, sit up straight, with your shoulders back and engage your abs. Or even better, purchase a balance ball, and sit on it while watching TV. Grab some weights, and do a few bicep curls. Voila! Easy steps to weight loss.

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Get More Sleep

This is probably my favorite lazy tip. Get the proper amount of sleep. Yes! I’m giving you permission to sleep those extra hours, so your body has time to rejuvenate and rebuild itself. You’ll feel oh-so much better in the morning, and you’ll be surprised what it will do to your metabolism!

There are easy, healthy ways to lose weight. And the best part about these tips is that after you use them for awhile, you’ll find you’re feeling considerably less lazy and want to work out more, leading to more weight loss. Well, isn’t that neat!

What’s your workout trick? Leave a comment, and let us know!

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