Watches for Different Personalities

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Everyone is unique, and different personalities have different watch needs. We’ve taken 4 personality types and matched each with a watch that speaks to them. Which one are you?


Casio Men’s Databank Digital Watch , $55, Amazon (see Amazon coupons).

If you drive a DeLorean, are mourning the death of the Sony Walkman or are still trying to figure out the Rubik’s Cube, then this one is for you. This throwback is two parts retro, one part gadget geek, for a delightful mix. It was useful for math class – now more useful for figuring out how much mortgage you can afford.


D&G Rectangular Crystal Bracelet Watch Black/Gold, $275, Saks Fifth Avenue (see Saks Fifth Avenue coupons).

A glam girl needs some serious bling. You want to turn heads wherever you go, and now everyone is following your style. So how can you go wrong with D&G? You can’t, especially with this sweet thang. A mixture of stainless steel, mirrored logo and (of course) crystals, this is sure to sparkle on your wrist like the stars in your eyes.


Polar FT4 Fitness Monitor, $89.95, Eastbay (see Eastbay coupons).

When you’re not playing sports, you’re watching sports, and when you’re not watching, you’re talking about sports. The sporty one on the list needs something that not only tells time, but also calculates how your workout session is going. You want more than a watch – you want it to be a trainer, too. The Polar Fitness Monitor can’t tell you to suck it up and give it 20, but it can tell you what your heart rate is and let you know if the rate goes out of your prime burn zone.


Geneva Platinum Women’s Studded Fashion, $16.98, Overstock (see Overstock coupons).

Want to look tough, but still fashionable? Find a watch that uses heavy metals and dark colors. Spikes or studs also help, so the Geneva Platinum is good example. The riveted studs automatically give it an edge, even though it still has a touch of feminine prowl with the slimmer shape and shimmery stones.

Does your watch mirror your personality? What kind is it?

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