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We live in the Information Age. It’s almost impossible to make any major life decisions without first consulting your Facebook friends, twitter followers or uploading a video to YouTube.

So for your 2012 New Year’s resolutions, I’ve chosen the best of this year’s viral videos and construed some helpful personal goals we could all benefit from. Ready to start making some realistic commitments? Hold on to your Nyan Cat.

Woman Cries About Loving Cats

Video: The internet’s obsession with cats has been documented time and time again, but nobody’s ever expressed their lunatic love quite as memorably as this single lady.

Resolution: Adopt an animal in need or spend more quality time with your pets. Optional resolution: find more excuses to dress your pet in adorable costumes.

Did You Hear A Click?

Video: Two senior citizens sweetly attempt take a picture with their computer’s built-in camera, only to be thwarted repeatedly by technology. And, let’s face it, their oldness.

Resolution: Respect your elders. Or at least teach them how to use Face Time.

Rebecca Black – Friday

Video: An insightful critique of the work-school-weekend structure and the social pressures facing modern youth.

Resolution: Save up enough money to send your preteen child to military school.

I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Video: TV host Jimmy Kimmel dares parents to film themselves telling their spoiled kids they ate their Halloween candy. Crying and hysterical reactions (“Dad, you’re ugly!”) ensue.

Resolution: Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! more often.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Video: Divisive indie artist Lana Del Rey hits the big time with a pretty montage of vintage clips and a sad, sad, sad song.

Resolution: Don’t upload anything – anything – without putting a Hipstamatic filter on it.

What were some of your favorite viral videos from this year?

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