Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

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It’s that time of year again. And ladies, I know what you’re thinking:  it’s Valentine’s Day – is he planning jewelry and a vacation, or will it be chocolates and flowers again?  (The correct answer, gentlemen, is probably somewhere in the middle.) But that’s not what why we’re here today; there are plenty of blogs that’ll show us how to spoil a lady.  No, we say that if girls want us guys to treat Valentine’s Day as sacred, the first step is putting some thought into our gifts.

And we’re not talking socks, underwear, or anything else that our mothers might buy us.  This Valentine’s Day, we want to feel special. So, in that spirit, here are a few bro-friendly gift ideas that speak directly to our inner dude.

The WaterSkiing Chair – from Hammacher Schlemmer

Men love waterskiing, it’s a fact. But we also love sitting around and drinking a beer, and until now, we didn’t think these two activities could be combined. The thoughtful – and quite frankly, genius – makers of Hammacher Schlemmer’s Waterskiing Chair claim it’s ideal for someone just starting on their path to waterskiing ability, but to us it seems like a reward for the man who’s mastered the craft.

USB Missile Launcher – from Brookstone

It’s Monday.  The boss walks into your office:  ‘So, Darryl, what’s happening? Are you going to go ahead and have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?’   You have two choices.  Do the reports (inconceivable!) or launch a series of targeted missiles at the boss’ head. Thanks to the Brookstone USB Desktop missile launcher, the latter option is no longer just a fantasy. (And unlike the hipsters in the art department, this works with PC’s and Mac’s.)

Laser Perfect 4 Laser Level System – from

Technically, I suppose it’s possible to use this thing as a level.  It says here that it enables perfectly straight lines and has a built-in tape measure and blah blah blah…  Let’s be clear – it looks like a space grenade and shoots four lasers in multiple directions.  And using the included suction cup to mount this bad boy on the wall at your next Laser Tag tournament will send your opponents into a whirlwind of confusion allowing you to DOMINATE!

The Hand Fitness Trainer – from Hammacher Schlemmer

Guys, we know how important it is to maintain hand strength, am I right? Where would civilization be if, say, Stanley greeted Livingstone with a limp wrist instead of a firm, pumping handshake? That’s not to mention all the other reasons for having a strong hand and forearm – badminton, saluting, thumb-wrestling – these endeavours reward only the strong! Of course, there are other activities you could undertake to maintain good hand strength, but whipping out the Hand Fitness Trainer at work won’t get you fired.

On February 14th, by all means treat your lady like she’s your one and only someone. But Awesome Present Lane doesn’t have to be a one-way street!  A few casually dropped hints and some strategically placed browser bookmarks might just have you winning laser tag and sitting down to waterski this summer!

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