Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Even a potentially good date can go wrong if you don’t choose the right idea for a date. So, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d offer a few ideas to help make your date a hit. From the cliché to the wacky, we’ve got 6 date ideas that’ll get you in the mood for love.

Dinner and a movie

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, a line that is as cliché as this date night idea. But, hey, it’s a safe choice that everyone can agree on – so, why not!? Some will tell you the dinner and a movie date works best if you do a movie then dinner; just in case conversation is a little stale. But, you can be the judge of that. Either way, this is ideal for first dates.

Night in

Think you’ve got great cooking skills? Invite your date over and woo them with your best dish. If you’re comfortable with it, this may be a good first date idea. But, if you’d rather wait until you know the person a little better before inviting them into your home, then try this one out on date 2 or 3. It may just ease the pressure off the cook a bit as well.

Visit a landmark

If you live near a popular landmark like Times Square or the Seattle Space Needle then you’ve got the perfect date set out for you. There are always things to do around national landmarks, so make the most of them! Go on a tour or eat in a famous local restaurant. Not only will the date be educational and fun, you’ll get to know the person you’re with along the way, since you’ll have lots of time to talk.

Go to an art gallery or museum

This is the perfect date idea for intellectual types. But, I wouldn’t recommend taking a date to one of these if you know it’s not their thing. Visiting an art gallery or museum is great because it will showcase common interests between you. Also, there will be no shortage of conversation.

Take a nature walk

For the environmentalists reading this post, this is the perfect date idea for you. Make sure your date enjoys this sort of thing first. You don’t want to bring a diva along who refuses to take off her heels. Taking a walk is a nice, romantic way of getting to know each other. Bring along a packed lunch and have a picnic along the way.

Try something new

Go somewhere you’ve both never been or try something you’ve never tried. This is a fun way of taking both people out of their comfort zones and breaking the ice. You’re already uncomfortable on a first date so why not try out something fun. Go paintballing, or ride the scariest rides at a local amusement park. For the really adventurous, go bungee jumping or whitewater rafting. It will definitely be a date that you’ll both remember.

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? What did you do?

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