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Besides the other classics – flowers, chocolates…you know the drill – perfume is one of those Valentine’s Day gift ideas that never goes out of style. Below are my top five perfumes for women and top five colognes for men to help make choosing the perfect scent a little easier this holiday.

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top 5 men’s colognes

Lacoste Pour Homme 

Original Price: $43.40 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $36.98 (total savings = $6.42)

Sporty, fresh and clean. Do those words describe your man? If so, this scent is the perfect choice for him. Between his tennis sets and debate team meetings, that prepster guy of yours will smell fabulous with a spritz of Lacoste under his cable knit sweater.

Armani Code

Original Price: $44.79 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $38.07 (total savings = $6.72)

For something a little more sensual, treat your man to Armani Code. A deep woodsy, citrus scent that’s perfect for a night out…or in. ;)


Polo Double Black

Original Price: $59.19 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $50.31 (total savings = $8.88)

When I think of this fragrance, I think class and sophistication. It’s deep, rich and has a touch of sweetness. Sounds like the perfect man, doesn’t it? Well, even if your Valentine isn’t all that, at least he can smell like it!


F By Ferragamo

Original Price: $33.00 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $28.05 (total savings = $4.95)

If you want to get him a scent that he can wear anytime, this cologne has the perfect balance to take him from the office to evening.



Burberry Brit

Original Price: $28.28 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $24.04  (total savings = $4.24)

You just can’t beat the classics. This one’s elegant, classy and almost always appropriate.  It’s a nice woody scent that’s not too overpowering so he can wear it all day long.




top 5 women’s perfumes

Romance by Ralph Lauren

Original Price: $60.19 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $51.16 (total savings = $9.03)

I know what you’re thinking: ‘She obviously picked this one because of the name.’ Well, I won’t lie, it did have a little influence in its spot on this list, but I swear it’s not the only reason! One word describes this scent to me: Pretty. It’s light, floral and ultra feminine. Perfect for a woman who enjoys being girly.


Poison by Dior

Original Price: $103.79 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $88.22 (total savings = $15.57)

Is your Valentine sensual and romantic? Then this, my dear, is the perfume for her. Let out her darker side with this rich and bold scent from Dior. Just let her know not to go too crazy with it. Just one spritz will do. This stuff is strong, but sooo good.


Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Original Price: $59.19 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $50.31 (total savings = $8.88)

Well, I just had to add this one to the list since it’s my personal all-time favorite! This scent is light, balanced and appropriate for pretty much any occasion. If you want to get her something she can wear anytime, this is the scent for her. Plus, the bottle is super cute which is always a plus.


Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Original Price: $31.19 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $26.51 (total savings = $4.68)

I recently included this scent in our top Valentine’s Day gifts under $100 post. It truly is a beautiful scent which, like Daisy by Marc Jacobs, can work for almost any occasion. It’s light, floral and, well, lovely!


Sheer by Stella McCartney

Original Price: $64.19 | Price with coupon (use code FABU15): $54.56 (total savings = $9.63)

Is your girl the natural type? If she’s into all things organic, she’ll surely appreciate this fresh scent from every nature-lovers home girl, Stella McCartney. This fragrance is daytime perfection with a light floral scent and citrus notes.



What’s your favorite perfume and/or cologne? Share your answer in a comment below!



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