top men’s picks from the Urban Outfitters spring sale

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You might think guys see the word “sale” and their brain processes it as “Oh, did they drop the price for the newest Call of Duty?” And this would be accurate. But I can’t lie, us gents love a good deal on clothes, too. That’s why I took a look at the hottest men’s fashion items from the Urban Outfitters Spring Sale.

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All-Son Flecked Cardigan

$29.99 (Was $39.00)

500 Days of Summer may have been three years ago, but cardigans are still a modern man essential. Don’t worry if the green is too garish for you, it also comes in black, grey and red.


All-Son Solid Heather Y-Neck Thermal Henley

$9.99 (Was $38.00)

You might recognize this Henley shirt as the costume of choice for TV character Dexter. And who wouldn’t want to look like a dapper serial killer with good intentions?




BDG Cutoff Chino Shorts

$9.99 (Was $39.00)

With one of the mildest winters yet, it wouldn’t be ridiculous to snag a pair of these while they’re still $9.99.



Levi’s 513 Slim Wale Corduroy Pant

$39.99 (Was $58.00)

Who doesn’t love a slim corduroy pant? Get one in tan, black, grey – the color is irrelevant, you’re going to look good either way.




Urban Renewal Vintage CPO Jacket

$19.99 (Was $59.00)

Ryan Gosling was spotted wearing something similar, and I don’t know if you know this, but Ryan Gosling? He’s kind of an okay-looking dude.



Hawkings McGill Striped Harold Blazer

$49.99 (Was $119.00)

Okay, so maybe you don’t look like an A-list celebrity. A quality, all-purpose blazer like this will at least make you feel like one.




Josef Pattern Plimsoll Sneaker

$29.99 (Was $44.00)

If you’re tired of slogging to work in over-sized rubber boots, I feel you. Thank god for spring shoes. Also, the tan zig-zag pattern can go with nearly any pair of pants you have.


Hawkings McGill Manhasset Buck Shoe

$39.99 (Was $58.00)

The, shall we say, bolder gent can rock a good pair of ox-blood colored shoes. Especially if they’ve been marked down $20. And are suede. Just saying.




Urban Renewal Vintage Plaid Scarf

$4.99 (Was $19.00)

The cheapest Urban Outfitters item on this list also happens to be the most practical, especially if you have a cold Spring ahead of you. Available in red or dark blue plaid.


Rothco Canvas Duffle Bag

$24.99 (Was $39.00)

Yeah, tote bags are great… for groceries. But when we need to get around, us dudes need something more substantial. This canvas carry-all makes for a great overnight or gym bag.



What are some of your favorite buys from Urban Outfitters?


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