Top 10 Traditional Valentines Day Gifts for Men & Women

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When Valentine’s Day rolls around, everyone wants to be unique. But sometimes unique can put you in the doghouse. This year, stick with something that works. We’ve put together the Top 10 Traditional Valentines Day gifts for men and women that you really can’t go wrong with.

Flowers. It may sound boring, but when was the last time you gave your honey a beautiful bouquet of Valentine roses? It’s one of the much-loved Valentine traditions.

Spice It Up: Pick out non-traditional blooms like orchids or dahlias.
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Fragrance. What girl or guy doesn’t want to smell nice? Those designer fragrances are always so expensive to buy for oneself, so it’s a nice little indulgence.

Spice It Up: Make your own concoction, just for them.
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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and a man’s too, I’m sure. One of the top ten Valentine gifts no one is able to turn down, jewelry like rings, necklaces and bracelets are perfect.

Spice It Up: Get it engraved with a special date just the two of you know.
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Plush Toys.
Although very traditional, tread lightly on this one as to seem childish. Go for more real looking animals or one that’s half plush, half decor item.
Spice It Up: Adopt an animal on behalf of them from WWF and receive a free plush. 2 gifts in 1!

Sweet Treats.
Oh man, your loved one is going to love nibbling on Valentine chocolates, cookies, cakes and other desserts. Just make sure they have no allergies!
Spice It Up: Bake something yourself. They’ll love the effort.

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Something Sassy.
Lingerie can be a fun gift for the both of you, but consider them rather than yourself while purchasing. Pick out something they’ll feel comfortable and sexy in.

Spice It Up: Skip the lingerie and go with a fun board game for just the 2 of you!
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Spa Treats. What woman or man wouldn’t love some time away at a spa? Even just a few hours will do. Pick out a gift certificate so they can pick the service they’d like.

Spice It Up: Buy some lotions, bath salts and fragrant candles to give them a spa day at home.
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Romantic Dinner.
Food can be a sensuous experience, so book their favorite restaurant with a room at the back.

Spice It Up: Go out of your way to find a new place with buzz or one that you would never go to on a regular day (that means Chili’s is out).
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Love Letter. Even if you’re not a regular Walt Whitman, find some famous quotes online and go from there. They won’t help but swoon at the thought.
Spice It Up: If you just can’t write, buy a book by her favorite poet and sign it with a special message.

Romantic Getaway. Anyone would love to be whisked away somewhere romantic. Think beaches or historic settings and you’re good to go.

Spice It Up: Make all the arrangements with their boss and surprise them with the getaway.
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Framed Photo. Get the best picture of the two of you and put it in a beautiful frame. It’s a true keepsake.

Spice It Up: Ask around for pictures of other couples that are close to you and make a collage.

Do you like to stick with the traditional gifts or go off the beaten path? What’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received?

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  1. Amazing article !! we can make our special day more special by your ideas.And I believe flowers are the most special gift you can give someone to make there
    day more beautiful.

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