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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whether you’re having a night in with your BF or a giggly anti-valentine’s with your BFF, it’s nice to sit with a bucket of popcorn and a romantic movie. So here are our 10 Top Romantic movies of all time.


Casablanca. This classic has some of film’s best and most romantic quotes. Here are a few. The lead, played by Humphrey Bogart, must choose between love and virtue.

Sigh. Definitely one of the best romantic movies to watch with your honey.


Sound of Music. I saw this one just a year ago, although I knew the plot and all of the songs. Not only is it considered one of the top romantic movies of all time, but the songs are super catchy. You’ll be singing them all day.



Love Story. The slogan for this tear-jerker is love means never having to say you’re sorry. As much as I don’t believe that one bit, it does exhibit true love, through turmoil and disease. Get the tissues for this doozy.


Sleepless in Seattle. Also called You’ve Got Mail and Joe Versus the Volcano. Well, I guess if the chemistry works, you’ve got a great movie. It’s one of your age-old romantic comedy movies with that same storyline, but it’s kind of adorable in its own little way.


Titanic. You say you hate it, but somehow it grossed a ridiculous amount of money. So, yeah, you can say “I only liked the second half”, but you never buy a movie just for the second half. I’ll admit it. I saw it twice in the theater. It’s romantic to the max, and a great Valentine’s Day movie.


The Notebook. I didn’t get the big deal about this one, but judging by all the fan art pages on the web, it’s a winner. I’ve also read articles that it puts this movie’s romance on a pedestal so high that it’s impossible to match. Like when someone dumped their fiance because he wouldn’t build her a house.


Amelie. One of my all-time faves, this little French flick not only looks beautiful, but has the sweetest romance ever, in the quirkiest way. When you’re taking care of everyone else, who will take care of you? Check out the trailer here


Twilight. <gag> I know, it’s the franchise everyone loves to hate, but it has all the romantic classic themes. Young love, a love triangle, love lost, defying their parents. Welcome to the West Side Story of today.


Brokeback Mountain. I wish I knew how to quit you. Who doesn’t melt when they hear that?! This one is a bit more frustrating than the others as you just want them to be happy with each other, but sometimes life doesn’t let love rule.

Aaaand one for the Valentine’s Haters:

500 Days of Summer. At first I thought this was a love story, but au contraire, friends. This one is about loving someone more than they love you – and we’ve ALL been there. But it has a happy-ish ending, so sit tight before you go breaking any plates.

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Do you think romantic movies set us up for disappointment in real life? What’s on your list of top 10 romantic movies?


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  1. Andrew says:

    500 Days of Summer was so not what I was expecting at all. It was marketed as this feel-good romcom and ended being the exact opposite. A good movie to watch for the cast’s wardrobe, though!

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