Top 10 Memorable Celebrity Fashion Moments of 2010

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2010 is almost gone, and it’s time to move on to a new year.

But first, lets take some time to reflect on this past year by taking a fun look back at the good, the bad and the OMG! moments of celebrity fashion.

Here’s our list of the most memorable top celebrity fashions of 2010:

10) Katy’s Latex Obsession

Katy Perry showed her love of latex throughout 2010, wearing various prints, from gumball machines to chocolate chip cookies.

In an interview with People magazine, Katy claimed that the dresses are actually quite comfortable, but admitted they wont be appropriate forever. “They have an expiration date and that’s why I’m wearing them now at 25,” Katy said.

9) Leighton’s Menswear

On November 29th, Leighton Meester wore a Thom Browne suit to the 2010 Gotham Independent Film Awards.

By the next night, stars such as Jessica Alba, Lara Bingle and Winona Ryder were spotted wearing menswear inspired looks.

It makes us wonder, did Leighton start a menswear trend that will continue into 2011?

8) Johnny Weir’s Furry Controversy

During the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, American figure skater Johnny Weir caused controversy with his fur-detailed costume.

Fashion-loving Weir received serious threats from extremist animal activists about his costume choice. The threats caused him to stay in the Olympic Village, where security was tighter than his hotel.

7) The Ultimate Red Carpet Disaster

Of all the red carpet disasters of 2010, this one takes the cake. Although it seems like Ke$ha actually tries to look bad regularly, she outdid herself at the 2010 VMA’s.

What is with the garbage bag dress? And don’t even get me started on her hair.

6) Hermione’s Haircut

Longing to rid herself of the Hermione character, Emma Watson chopped her long locks after Harry Potter wrapped. The move caused quite a stir!

She had many fashion hits on the red carpet sporting her new short ‘do, but this Rafael Lopez lace and feathered dress has been the clear winner so far.

5) Kanye’s Red Suit

The VMA’s were a hot spot for memorable fashion moments this year.

After the show aired, conversation fluttered about Kanye’s bold red silk suit. Known for being a talented fashion-forward rapper (among other things), Kanye took the VMA stage to perform “Runaway.” The suit was a perfect choice against the black and white set.

The guy knows how to make a statement. Good or bad.

4) Not Safe for Sesame Street

Back in September, Katy Perry got herself into some hot water due to the revealing Gile’s Deacon dress she donned on a Sesame Street segment.

After her Sesame Street spot, in which she sings a clean version of her hit “Hot and Cold” with Elmo, was posted online, parents reacted with outrage, concerned that her look was too risqué for children. Sesame Street ended up scrapping the clip entirely.

She later appeared on Saturday Night Live to mock the controversy, wearing a cleavage-baring Elmo tee.

3) Taylor Momsen’s “Rocker” Style

Taylor Momsen’s style took a turn for the gothic and trashy this year, as the 16-year-old strayed from her Gossip Girl role to pursue her music career with The Pretty Reckless.

Basically, Taylor is in a band and wants everyone to know it. While on tour, she threw on this lovely ensemble (left). Given her age, it’s easy to understand why the world was shocked by her revealing look…and pretty confused over why she opted to wear clear platform stripper shoes complete with slots for tips.

Maybe she’ll grow out of this rebel phase in 2011, but, for the sake of bad fashion, we hope she stays just as she is.

2) The Royal Engagement Dress

Following the announcement of the royal engagement, stores sold out of the sapphire-blue Issa London dress Kate Middleton wore within 24 hours.

It’s safe to say that whatever the future queen wears, her style will be eagerly sought after. There’s no doubt we’ll see many more memorable fashion moments from Kate (i.e. the wedding dress!), but, for 2010, this is without a doubt her most noteworthy moment.

The dress is still sold out at, but keep checking back to see if more stock becomes available.

1) The Meat Dress

Without a doubt the most memorable celebrity fashion moment of 2010 was Lady Gaga’s meat dress, which she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards.

The dress, made from 100% authentic meat, had everybody talking. Animal rights organizations voiced their opposition, rumors spread about maggots, and warnings were issued around Halloween advising people not to recreate the look.

It’s not often that one outfit causes so much controversy. How will Lady Gaga top herself in 2011? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Do you agree with our top 10? What’s your number one fashion moment of 2010? Leave us a comment!

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