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Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day filled with happiness, love, romance and bonding. Psssh, yeah right! If you’re into that stuff this holiday – look away! For my fellow anti-Valentine’s, read-along and enjoy.

In preparation for this post, I threw out the question – “What’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received?” And boy, were there more responses than expected. So, we’re dishing the dirt on the top, worst gift stories of Valentine’s past.

Read below for the craziest, most hilarious worst gift stories we received from you.

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archery bows, Jimmy Buffet and garbage cans

Apparently some “romantics” just don’t understand the point of gift-giving, as proven by our first set of gift stories. Hint: When giving a Valentine’s gift remember, the gift is not for you. It’s for your Valentine. Get something you think he or she will enjoy!

Brina from The Younique Boutique - My ex-husband gave me an archery bow for Valentines Day. He was a hunting enthusiast and since I had zero interest in archery and/or hunting, I am pretty sure he used the occasion as an excuse to buy a second bow that he had his eye on. What a Prince Charming.

JenniferMy boyfriend gave me a Jimmy Buffet CD. I cannot stand that music… but it’s his favorite.

MaribethThe worst Valentine gift I ever received was a grouping of garbage cans. One was a yellow janitorial style, five-gallon bucket on rollers complete with ringer and a mop. There was also a waste basket and a 50 gallon garbage can in the group. You might think that this was a joke but it wasn’t. This guy was serious. I broke off our relationship. He went to a mutual friend indignant and said, “She wouldn’t have a bathroom scale, a broom, or a garbage can if it wasn’t for me!

old pizza, ‘found’ flowers and sawdust

I’m not sure if there’s any saving this next group of gift giver’s. This set has left me speechless!

Cindy from BohlsenGroup.comI picked up a previous boyfriend from work, and he said, “I got you something for Valentine’s Day.” He handed me the pizza box from his lunch, and he had carved a heart shape out of a piece of pizza. Before you say ”aw,” just picture it: A cold, congealed, leftover piece of pizza from 5 hours earlier. My face fell. And he got so angry at my lack of gratitude that he grabbed the box and threw it out the car window. Needless to say, I married a far sweeter man! (And yes, that was the only gift I received that day.)

RebeccaI was trying not to make a big fuss about Valentine’s Day because I knew my (ex)-boyfriend was tight on cash. So I just asked that on Valentine’s he cook me my favorite meal. Valentine’s Day comes, he shows up to my house 2 hours late with a single one of those miniature roses that he later admitted he had “found.” That was it. He then said it was too late to start cooking. Happy Valentines Day. I have since moved on. 

Fran from PunksAndRosesI received a bag of sawdust one year for valentines day. Yes, really. I had mentioned that I really wanted some sawdust to mix with beeswax and pine cones to make some firewood starters for my fireplace. So for valentine’s day I got a bag of sawdust in the mail.

break-up flowers, bb guns and irons

If you’re planning on leaving a relationship, giving flowers to your oblivious-to-your-cheating-ways girlfriend prooobably won’t make up for it - just sayin’! Read on!

Lynn Maria from Old Maid Cat LadyWorst Valentine’s gift I’ve ever gotten was flowers from my college boyfriend. Why was it the worst? Because we were in a long-distance relationship at the time and I’d just called him the Saturday before to ask him what was wrong because I’d sensed things weren’t the same between us any more. He said that he’d “just been writing me a letter,” which I knew was not a good thing. So I was waiting for the letter to arrive, and then Valentine’s Day comes that week and I get flowers from him. I called to ask WTH was up with that, and he told me he didn’t want me to get the letter on Valentine’s Day, which really told me it was bad. And it was; he broke up with me via letter. Had met someone else who was more available than I was (i.e., in the same town). I kicked myself for wasting three years of my life with somebody who I wasn’t going to marry, and trashed those flowers that were an ugly reminder of it all. Never have enjoyed getting flowers, ever since then, because it always makes me think the guy sending them has done something he’s trying to make up for!

Rita from Chi-Town CheapskateThe worst gift I got? A BB Gun, yep you read that right. A hand-held BB Gun. I thought it was a joke, it was not. As it turns out he wanted it so he bought it for me for Valentines Day then took it and kept it. Guess that was his way of being frugal. It made me feel like I didn’t matter. Needless to say that relationship did not last!

Katie from U Star NovelsMy worst gift was an iron…but my best gift was a personalized romance novel, starring me and my Valentine.

What’s the worst Valentine’s Day present you ever received (or didn’t receive)? Are you spending this Valentine’s with the one that gave it to you?

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