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Gift giving games are great around the office and for family get togethers. They not only lower the overall cost of gift giving during the holidays, they also make the giving experience fun!

Below are 5 of the best gift giving games to try this holiday season.

1) Secret Santa

This is the classic gift giving game. A perfect option for offices, friends, family, neighbors or any medium-to-large group.

The rules are simple. Write everyone’s name on small pieces of paper. Fold the papers, and place them in a hat. Each person will draw a name from the hat and buy a gift for that person. If someone chooses their own name, they will pick again. Pre-determine an amount to spend on each gift.

2) White Elephant

This game is very fun, but it has the potential to get a little crazy…

Minimum number of participants: 4. Each participant is asked to bring a gift worth no more than a pre-determined amount.

Participants draw numbers from a hat to determine their gift choice order. Each person then takes a turn choosing a gift. The first person picks a gift, opens it and shows it to everyone. Then the second participant picks a gift and chooses to either unwrap it or to exchange it for the previously unwrapped gift. If the gift is exchanged, the person who had their gift taken from them gets to unwrap the chosen gift, and then the turn passes. When all the gifts have been opened, the game is over.

3) Getting to Know Each Other

This game is a good option for getting to know your guests better.

First, you, the host, will number each gift as it arrives. Then give the person who brought the gift a piece of paper with a corresponding number. Have the guest write down one fact about themselves and throw it in a hat or bowl.

When the gift exchange starts, you draw a piece of paper and read the fact. Guests have to guess who brought what gift. The person who guesses the right guest first is given the package with the corresponding number. The game continues until there is one gift left, which is for the host.

4) Holiday Fake Out

Everyone buys an anonymous present and places it in a pile that includes a gag gift you, the host, purchased (head to your local joke shop or use something ordinary like batteries or socks). Draw names from a hat to decide the order of choosing presents. The goal of this game is to pick a present that’s not the gag gift. Since the present is wrapped, everyone is going to have to use their deductive skills to avoid getting the gag gift.

Tip: include a small consolation gift for the person who receives the gag gift.

5) Dirty Dice

This game has two phases of play:

1)  Everyone will put their gift in a pile. Then, pass around a pair of dice to every participant. Anyone who rolls doubles can pick a present from the pile. After a couple of turns, the second phase begins.

2) A timer is set for 15 minutes, and everyone starts rolling again. There is no limit to the number of turns within the time limit. If someone rolls doubles this time, they can steal a present, but it can be stolen back; however, if someone rolls double sixes, they can steal any gift without reprisals. The point is to grab as many gifts as possible.

Tip: you may want to keep a few extra gifts on hand just in case someone is left without a present.

What’s your favorite gift giving game? Tell us in the comments section below!

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