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We’re knee deep in summer, which means it’s definitely shorts season. But gentlemen, just because we can forgo pants doesn’t mean we should do the same with style. As part of our month-long 24%-off Bluefly promotion, we’re taking a look at men’s shorts that don’t make the wearer look like a schoolboy or someone at the gym. Note: coupon expires 7/31/2012The fact is, fellas, you’ve probably got pretty nice legs, and I know for a fact that the ladies like looking at them. But the current, troubling trend is towards looong, baggy shorts that, for all intents and purposes, might as well be pants.

 Scotch and Soda Grey Cotton Belted Cargo Shorts

A classic, knee-length khaki cargo with room to carry your goods. These are great for a walk, and they can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear up top.
Price: $88
Price with Coupon: $66.88




Cohesive Plaid Commuter Shorts

ZZ Top sang about a sharp-dressed man, and this is what he looks like in the summer. Cool, casual, sophisticated…these shorts tick all the boxes.
Price: $48
Price with Coupon: $36.48






Gypsy 05 Red Cotton Blend Drawstring Sweat Shorts

Yes, these are cotton ‘sweat’ shorts, but the shape, the length and the color! They all combine to add a certain ‘je ne sais quois’. The French know how to wear a pair of shorts, so pair this with a stripey shirt and stroll the boulevard with class.
Price: $28
Price with Coupon: $21.28




Scotch and Soda Ivory Plaid Cotton Cargo Shorts

There’s something about summer that drives men into check. But a plaid short can be a real eye-catcher when worn with a monotone shirt, so when you want to really show off the legs, slip into these.
Price with Coupon: $66.88





Trovata Navy Cotton Woven ‘John’ Flat Front Shorts

Back in the day, shorts were actually short. Athletes and the manliest man of all wore ‘em waaaaay above the knee. Today, for whatever, reason, men are ashamed to be free. I SAY NO MORE! These flat fronts are quite as short as Magnum’s but they’re getting there. Soon, friends!
Price: $69.99
Price with Coupon: $53.19




Remember! Cut offs are for cutting the grass and hanging out at the cottage. Basketball shorts are for the basketball court, period. There are lots of stylish, comfortable shorts out there. It’s a hot summer, look the part!


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