The 5 Best Road Trip Movies

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One of my favorite sub-genres of Hollywood movies is the road trip flick. Relationships change, quirky characters are met and lessons are learned – all while on the road! If you’re itching to get in your car and go, be sure to take in the following flicks before you do:

Little Miss Sunshine

Overrated? No way. This quirky 2006 indie comedy adventure is still charming and fun to watch, even if its humor is a little darker than you might expect. The ensemble cast is the best. From bubbly Olive to her Nietzsche-obsessed mute brother, there’s a character somewhere in that yellow Volkswagon Microbus for everyone to relate to.


Darjeeling Limited

Three estranged brothers plan a trip through India after their father’s death, and hijinks, as they often do in Wes Anderson movies, ensue. Well directed and well acted, but the real stars are the drop dead gorgeous Indian backdrops.


Into The Wild

A cynical college graduate rejects material life and chooses instead to live in nature. It may sound charming, but it’s more of a cautionary tale than anything. Still, Emile Hirsch is awesome and Kristen Stewart, free of her rapid-blinking-filled Twilight role, actually turns in an impressive performance.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

If you were inebriated when you first saw this movie, you’re not alone. But it’s just as good without the aid of beer goggles! Is there a better road trip movie that features a vividly-hallucinating Johnny Depp attempting to buy an orangutan? I think not.


Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Before Mel Gibson was known as the precursor to Charlie Sheen, he was an Australian post-apocalyptic warrior bent on revenge. There are no scenes of him jamming to embarrassing pop songs with his friends in a cramped sedan, but there is a lot of traveling by road, so it’s technically still a road trip movie. Just one that has a lot of leather bikers with mohawks.

Bonus: Crossroads

I have to admit, I’m obsessed with this trashy cult classic. You can’t get any better than Britney Spears playing a small town girl traveling to L.A. with her best friends. This movie also includes a shady hitchhiker love interest, Kim Cattrall and a terrible scene involving a pregnant woman and a flight of stairs. It’s just a total mess. I watch it every year on my birthday.

What’s  your favorite road trip movie? Leave us a comment!

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  1. Jesse says:

    What?? Road Warrior AND The Darleeling Limited? These are quality, quality choices!

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