The 3 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions…and Why They Fail

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Every year, resolutions are made, then broken (usually within the first two weeks). So, to help you stay on track, we’re examining why resolutions fail and offering tips on overcoming inevitable resolution obstacles.

#1) Lose Weight

In early January, gyms are packed with people who decide this year’s the year they’re fitting into their skinny jeans. But, by the end of February, it’s back to the same-old cookie-eating routine.

Weight loss isn’t easy - especially when you’re going from zero activity to hitting it hard every day at the gym. So to keep yourself on track, take baby steps! Start with limiting your trips to Pizza Pizza and begin picking healthy options at meal time. Then, try taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Or, walk your dog for an extra 10 minutes each day. Small changes can make a big difference.

Another great way to trim your waist line is to join a weight loss program, like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem or Medifast. They provide the necessary support and virtually fool-proof plans to help you reach your goal. And now, get great deals on weight loss programs with our Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers and Medifast coupons

#2) Quit Smoking

The fact that you waited until New Year’s to quit smoking is your first step towards failure. You must want to do it for yourself, not for the sake of resolution, and stay committed in order to succeed.

First, see your doctor for a wake up call and options to help you quit. Along with quitting aids such as the patch and gum, why not pick up a new hobby to busy your mind? Try yoga or enrolling in dancing or cooking classes.

#3) Spend More Time with Friends and Family

This is a nice thought. Who doesn’t want to spend more time with friends and family?

But, unfortunately, life often gets in the way. Stress from work, school and home life take over, and soon you’re back to calling once a week or sending Facebook messages to stay in touch.

This year make it possible to see more of your loved ones. Whenever you get a chance, drop in and see how your family and friends are doing. If that’s not possible, instead of sending Facebook messages, try writing letters by hand and mailing them. In our electronic society, it feels special to receive something so personalized.

Another great way to keep in touch is to decide on one day of the week when everyone gets together. Invite the fam over every Sunday for dinner, and make it a tradition.

Did you make any resolutions this year? How are you planning on keeping them?

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