The 10 Best NFL Players & Why We Love Them

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Every Sunday (and some Monday nights) dedicated NFL fans pull on their jerseys and either head to the game or in front of the TV – it’s a ritual. Why do we do this? Is it the game, the betting, or adrenaline from witnessing bone-crushing sacks on the field? Sure, it’s all of these things. Bust most of all, it’s the admiration we have for the guys on the field.

Whether for their speed and sick offensive moves, or their power as they take down another player – they work hard every game – entertaining us, and pushing their limits for a win. We have 10 players who we think deserve some recognition. Who would you name as your top ten?

#1. Troy Polamalu

This Strong Safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers can be easily followed on the field – just look for his huge hair. Troy Polamalu made our list because of his insane power on the field. Just watch the replay in slow-mo and see his 207 lb frame impact with another player – ow! Buy Polamalu’s jersey.

Random Fact – In case you were wondering, he hasn’t cut his hair since the year 2000.

#2. Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers made our list thanks to his amazing capabilities as an outside linebacker. Before he was drafted by the NFL in 2009, he was awarded three consecutive Special Team Player of the Year awards – the only player in USC history to do so. Buy Matthews’ jersey.

Random Fact – Clay Matthews’ comes from a family of football players. We tried finding the exact measurement of his neck, but couldn’t get an accurate answer.

#3. Brett Favre

At 41 years old, this quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings has surpassed Dan Marino’s 420 touchdown milestone. He’s won 5 NFC Player of the Year awards, won a Super Bowl and has a quarterback rating of 86.3%. He’s hard to catch on the field thanks to his speed and, because of that, has completed more than 6,200 passes in his career. Buy Favre’s jersey.

Random Fact – Favre is the only current player who is also a grandfather.

#4. Drew Brees

Currently holding the record for the most pass completions in a season (440) is quarterback Drew Brees of the San Diego Chargers. His speed and agility make him a hard guy to catch. But when he’s sacked, watching his 6′ frame hit the ground is somethin’ else. In 2010, his talents won him the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award. Buy Brees’ jersey.

Random Fact – Many big Brees fans call him “Breesus.”

#5. Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is a quarterback for the Denver Broncos. In his early years of college football, he was known for his unconventional rushing and passing techniques. Though many ridiculed him for it, his moves on the field are what got him noticed and eventually drafted 25th overall. Buy Tebow’s jersey.

Random Fact – There is a bill that’s pending called “The Tim Tebow Bill.” It will allow homeschooled students to play football for their local high school team as Tebow did in Florida.

#6. Peyton Manning

Everybody knows who Peyton is, even people who don’t really watch football. His quarterback capabilities have set him records for Indianapolis All-Time Leader in Career Wins for: passing touchdowns, passing attempts, pass completions and passing yards. Need we say more about why he made our top 10 list? Buy Manning’s jersey.

Random Fact – When Peyton Manning hosted Saturday Night Live in March of 2007, the show earned its highest household rating in months.

#7. Mark Sanchez

Quarterback Mark Sanchez for the New York Jets made our list because although he’s only in his 2nd career season, he’s already completed 332 passes, combining to over 4000 yards! He’s obviously on his way to setting some serious records. Buy Sanchez’s jersey.

Random Fact – Although Sanchez takes some heat from fellow players, he admits that he’s a big fan of live theater and musicals.

#8. Donovan McNabb

Washington Redskins’ Donovan McNabb has a whopping quarterback ranking of 81.9%. His speed and quick moves on the field have won him titles including Best Offensive Player in the 2004 and the Big East’s Offensive Player of the Decade in the 90s. Buy McNabb’s jersey.

Random Fact – McNabb holds a Bachelor of Science degree in speech communication from the Syracuse University.

#9. Sam Bradford

In only a year of being a quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, Sam Bradford’s QB average has risen to 75.9% with 171 complete passes on his record. He was a top prospect in the 2010 Draft, and the St. Louis Rams picked him in the first round. The team hasn’t picked a quarterback in the first round since 1964. Buy Bradford’s jersey.

Random Fact – Bradford is also a hockey fan; his favorite team is the Vancouver Canucks.

#10. Wes Welker

As a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, Wes Welker has made some big accomplishments to land on our top 10 list. In his 7 seasons he’s completed 486 receptions, 5,164 receiving yards and 19 receiving touchdowns. Buy Welker’s jersey.

Random Fact – Welker has established the Welker Foundation that aims to help at-risk youth in his home town of Oklahoma City to reach their full potential through athletic encouragement.

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    Yes! That commercial is hilarious!

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