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Stila Cosmetics – 20% off your order ’til September 15, 2013

[ 437 ] September 6, 2013

Makeup lovers, this one’s for you. Shop online at Stila now and enjoy 20% off your order! Just apply coupon code 20OFF at checkout. Offer applies to full-priced items.

What are you going to get – eyeshadows, liners, foundation, primer? Let us know! Expires on September 15, 2013.

Stila Cosmetics – 20% off online orders ’til August 31, 2013

[ 0 ] August 19, 2013

Stila online coupon expiring August 31, 2013Love playing with makeup and experimenting with colorful looks? No doubt you’ve heard of Stila. Right now if you shop online, you’ll enjoy 20% off Stila cosmetics order using coupon code 20OFF!

Offer expires on August 31, 2013. Eyeshadows, liners, lip colors, foundations… What do you think you’ll get?

pretty Valentine’s Day makeup look with Stila Cosmetics (now at 20% off)

[ 0 ] February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day  makeupWhatever look you’re going for this Valentine’s Day, always start with makeup that you know will stay on. I don’t discriminate against drugstore brands; some are really good, especially with a good primer. But I also think it’s essential to have quality makeup in your arsenal. Stila cosmetics is one of those brands that you know provide good quality, but it’s also not on the high end either.

Plus, I’ve got a great coupon for Stila to help you stock your makeup drawer. Get 20% off all regular-priced items when you use promo code 20OFF. Code expires on February 28, 2013 though, so shop now.

Stila Cosmetics – 20% off online items ’til February 28, 2013

[ 0 ] February 6, 2013

StilaIt’s always time for new makeup products. You ran out of a color, the change of seasons, new products came out, you were bored and, the best excuse of all, there’s a sale! Shop online at Stila Cosmetics now to enjoy 20% off any order!

Save now on their Smudge Pots, shadow palettes, liners and much more. Excludes sale items. Shop before this deal expires on February 28, 2013.

Stila Cosmetics – 20% off online items ’til January 31, 2013

[ 1 ] January 15, 2013

Good quality makeup goes a long way in enhancing your natural beauty, so pick a brand that’s trusted by many makeup lovers out there. Shop online at Stila now and enjoy an incredible 20% off any order and free shipping using coupon code 20OFF!

This deal works on their famous Smudge Pots, eye liners, shadow palettes, One Step Correctors and everything else that’s not already on sale. So hurry to browse their makeup bag now and save before the offer expires on January 31, 2013.

Stila – 20% off online items ’til December 17, 2012

[ 0 ] December 12, 2012

Love playing with makeup? Then head online to Stila to find their latest colors and products. And if you shop right now, you can enjoy 20% off any order and free shipping!

Yes, save on their famous Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, Smudge Pot, Eyeshadow Pans and more. Only items not valid for this offer is the Phased Out Favorites. Shop now before this deal goes away on December 17, 2012.

featured product – 20% off Stila In the Know Eye Shadow Palette

[ 0 ] September 12, 2012

You might think that having a neutral palette in your makeup arsenal is unnecessary. I used to think that – the colors are so similar, right? But if you like experimenting with your  looks, it’s a definite must. It complements so many different colors, creating almost-limitless combinations and variations.

New for Fall 2012, the Stila In the Know Eye Shadow Palette includes 10 matte shades and 1 Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner. I love that the shades are matte, because they’re meant to be complementary shades. They won’t steal the show! The original price is $39, but if you apply promo code employeelove, you get 20% off. Code expires on November 14, 2012.

Stila price: $39
with employeelove code: $31.2

Stila In the Know Eye Shadow Palette

Stila In the Know Eye Shadow Palette

What’s your makeup style – neutral & classy or fun & creative?

Stila Cosmetics – 20% off online orders ’til October 31, 2012

[ 0 ] September 11, 2012

Here’s a pretty little deal for ya: Shop online at Stila and get 20% off your order! Apply coupon code 20OFF at checkout for your discount.

Excludes discounted Last Chance items. Offer ends on October 31, 2012.

Stila – 20% off ’til 5/31

[ 0 ] May 8, 2012

Let’s make Mother’s Day beautiful! Shop online with our free Stila coupons for 20% off your order. Just use promo code 20OFF at checkout to apply the savings.

Your favorite Stila beauty products won’t be on sale forever – this deal expires May 31.

Perfecting the Natural Look with Makeup

[ 51 ] October 6, 2010

You don’t need pounds of makeup to look beautiful. Usually, the most natural looks are the most enviable.

The natural trend proves this, with stars such as Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Selena Gomez looking naturally gorgeous on the red carpet.

It’s all about knowing the tricks to enhancing your beauty. This look is not only beautiful, it’s also quick and easy once you’ve got it down.

Below are some pointers to help you learn how to perfect the look. Good luck!


Good skin is vital to creating a beautiful, natural look. Your skin will take center stage when wearing minimal makeup, so treat it right.

First, start off with a good skin care routine. Like momma always told you, it’s important to wash your face every night. You should never go to bed with make up on. So to really get it off, use a makeup remover such as Lancome’s Bi-Facil. Use an exfoliant to buff off any dry skin. And, finally, always remember to moisturize. Choose a facial moisturizer that suits your skin type. Personally, I use moisturizer with built-in SPF protection to avoid sun damage that can age the skin.

From left to right: Bienfait Multi-Vital Moisturizer, $45; Bi-Facil, $26; Exfoliance Confort, $24.50; all from Lancome (see our Lancome coupons).

Once your skin is clean and healthy, use a sheer foundation to even out your skin tone. Use concealer under the eyes and to cover up any redness or blemishes. The trick here is to use light layers. You don’t want your makeup to look cakey. The point is to make your skin look naturally flawless, not covered up.

From left to right: Natural Finish Oil Free Makeup, $38, Stila Cosmetics (see our Stila Cosmetics coupons); Effacernes, $28.50, Lancome; Tropiques Minerale, $38.50, Lancome (see our Lancome coupons).


Keeping makeup minimal is important in achieving the natural look. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear any. Using the right makeup tricks can leave you looking makeup free while enhancing your natural beauty. We’ve already covered skin care, now here are some added tips and tricks to enhance your features.

From left to right: Major Lash Mascara, $8.50, Stila Cosmetics; Gesso, $14.50, MAC Cosmetics (see our MAC Cosmetics coupons); Convertable Color, $25, Stila Cosmetics (see our Stila Cosmetics coupons).


This is the one item in my makeup bag that I absolutely can’t do without. If you’re only going to wear one item of makeup, it should be mascara. This is because it enhances your most important feature – your eyes! Next time when you’re putting mascara on, just apply to one eye. Then take a step back and look at how different each eye looks. You’ll really be able to see what a difference it makes to your overall look.

And if you really want to play up your eyes, try using individual lashes. They will give your eyes a little added oomph while still looking naturally gorgeous.


Take a light powder eye shadow (a little shimmer will work here) and highlight the inner corners of your eyes, the middle of your lid (just the middle) and just below the brow bone. Also, add just a little on top of your cupids bow. This little bit of shimmer really brightens the whole face. Try it! You’ll immediately see a difference.

Cheeks and Lips

Now just add a little blush to bring some color to your face. Apply a neutral matte color to your lips, and you’re done!

How do you perfect the natural look? Do you have any tips you’d like to share?