Tacky Christmas Sweater Uses

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We know they mean well. That one person that gives hand knit, slightly off centred sweaters as gifts. Or maybe they saw this adorable vest with reindeers and holly scattered all over it and thought it was “festive”. That’s not exactly the word you have in mind. But no one wants to hurt feelings, so you grin and say thank you and try to figure out what to do with it.

Here are a few uses for those ugly/tacky/odd sweater gifts. And remember – we’ve all been there. And even dogs aren’t immune.

Donate. This is probably the first option to entertain, not to mention the easiest. Not only do you get that monstrosity out of your closet, but you get to help someone else! That could mean someone who actually needs something warm this winter, or someone needing that perfect piece for their Ugly Sweater Party. Which brings me to the next idea…

Hold an Ugly Sweater Party. According to my Facebook feed (very scientific, I know) Ugly Sweater Parties have become all the rage. The pictures look very festive and everyone looks like they’re having a grand time in their tacky sweaters. Misery loves company, I guess.

Unravel It and Use the Yarn for Something Else. This seems almost cruel (and horribly time consuming) but by re-using the yarn, are you not doing something good for the environment somehow? Probably. This only works if you’re handy with the knitting needles, but a good knitter can probably turn that sweater into something amazing and wonderful. Hat and mitt set perhaps?

Re-gift. Tread lightly on this one, folks. When you’ve decided to re-gift that tacky sweater, make sure you’re re-gifting it to someone who will actually appreciate it. Also, make sure that the recipient is clearly in other social circles to avoid hurt feelings and awkward questioning. If you can, ship it across the ocean (the farther away the better). There are so many pitfalls to a re-gift, so make sure you think your plan through very carefully.

Wear It (on very few occasions). Sometimes the best option is to suck it up and be a good sport about the whole thing. It’s probably not going to be the only time you get a gift that doesn’t suit you, so practice your happy and grateful face. Plus, someone probably went to a lot of trouble picking that sweater out. Maybe wear it once or twice when they’re around. They’ll love that you’re actually getting some wear out of it, and isn’t thoughtfulness what this season is all about?

Have you ever received a tacky or horrible sweater? Tell us about it!

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