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Gentlemen, go take a look in your closet. It’s okay, I’ll wait… What do you see? If the answer doesn’t include at least one really nice suit then we have a problem. Too many of us have one ratty old coat and trouser combo that we trot out for weddings and funerals, but for a man to truly be a man, he needs a suit of clothes that fits well and looks great.

Yes, we’re in the middle of summer, but let’s look ahead for a moment and imagine a scenario when we’ll need to ‘dress up’. Will you be ready? If your closet has a gaping hole where the ‘wow, great suit!’ should be, take advantage of our exclusive 24% off coupon at Bluefly and right this wrong. Here’s 5 fantastic suits to get you inspired.  Note: coupon expires 7/31/2012

Brunello Cucinelli Beige Cotton Three Button Suit

Price: $2240
Price with Coupon: $1702.40

Beige. The very word is boring, but does this look like a boring suit? Notched lapels, three buttons, and a cheeky third pocket in the front…these are the details that give this suit a touch of class. Heavyweight woven cotton.

Jack Victor Pearl Grey Super 120′s Wool Two-Button Suit

Price: $448
Price with Coupon: $340.48

The skinny suit is officially no longer in, but this does NOT mean a return to big, boxy suits any time soon. Slim, slender, fitted…this look simply never goes out of style. And no matter what anyone says in the future, flat front trousers are the only acceptable option. Pleats? Please. 100% wool.

Zegna Z Zegna Charcoal Wool Mohair Blend Two-Button Suit

Price: $995
Price with Coupon: $756.20

Picture the scene – Friday afternoon, the boardroom. There’s a promotion on the line and a sweet golf game with the upper management for the winner. It’s between you and Johnson. He rolls in wearing a button down shirt, a comfortable pair of Rockports and pleated Dockers! You arrive in the the mohair Zegna and not only do you get the promotion, you get Johnson as a caddy.

Jack Victor Navy Oxford Loro Piana Super 130′s Wool Two-Button Suit

Price: $448
Price with Coupon:$340.48

In 500 years, when people look back at men from this era, I believe we will be depicted wearing a Navy blue Oxford suit. Women will be in a bikini, strangely, but the fact is that a dark blue suit is the standard of sophisticated menswear. Get yours in wool, pair it with good quality brown leather shoes and the world will be your oyster.

Joseph Abboud Black Wool ‘Super 120′s’ Tonal Stripe Suit

Price: $468
Price with Coupon: $355.68

Ah, the black suit. The fact of the matter is, a black suit is formal and should be reserved for formal occasions. The all-too-common problem is that we often deformalize the occasion by not dressing appropriately. It’s always better to be the most dressed up, so err on the side of dazzling. Going to a wedding? Unlike the bride, it’s okay to outdress the groom. Going to a funeral? No one expects your clothing to be sad.

I love suits, and I wish men wore them more often. I hesitate to lay the breakdown of civilized society at the feet of the changing attitude towards menswear, but if  the fedora can make a comeback, can a nice jacket and tie be far behind? Sure, chances are you won’t look at good as this guy, but when you slip into a well-fitting suit made of good material, you’ll look your very best.


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