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[ 1 ] October 1, 2010 |

Excuse me? Do you know the way to the gun show?

Don’t roll your eyes. You know you love that one.

I’m working out right now to build some muscle – a butt, actually. Right now, I qualify as a flat-bottomed girl. ANYWAY. :P I use GNC mostly to buy protein powder, since they’ve got all the brands recommended on, but it’s an all-around great store for anything fitness and health related.

Cute shaker cups to mix your shakes on the go? Check.

Acai and other superfoods you can’t pronounce? Check.

Actually, GNC’s a really good spot to buy gifts for any health nuts you know. I’ve never had any issues with quality or shipping and the staff in stores is always helpful, so GNC gets two thumbs up from this fitness junkie.

Plus, we just got a new GNC promotional coupon for 10% off everything online!

Have fitness or supplement questions? “Like” them on Facebook and chat with friendly, like-minded customers. They’ve got a nice community going on. :)

So what do you think of GNC and its selection? Have you/would you shop there?


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  1. Cristina says:

    A couple times a year (once for sure after the holidays) I like to do a healthy cleanse. There is a GNC store near my house that I really enjoy going to. They’re SO helpful. I have NO idea what to look for and the shelves are filled with bottles and bottles of stuff, so they help me find exactly what’ll work for my body in like 10 minutes. Also about 6 years ago when I wanted to lose weight, they suggested some supplements that would help boost my efforts. I lost 30 pounds AND kept it off. So of course, two thumbs up for GNC for me too!

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