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I don’t pretend to understand the economic situation that Greece finds itself in these days, but from what I do understand, now’s the time to visit. And of all the spectacular destinations Greece has to offer, Santorini is the spectacularest.  As we’ll see below, there are some very good reasons why Santorini shows up at the top of so many ‘Top Romantic Destinations’ lists.

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But on a tour or not, there are definitely a few things you need to experience before you leave this Aegean paradise.

The View

Perched atop 300-foot cliffs, the towns of Santorini are laid out like a string of pearls. Almost every room offers a barely believable view of the caldera, a geological phenomena resulting from ancient volcano activity on the island. Rock mumbo-jumbo aside, you get what some say are the most spectacular sunsets on earth. You want romance? Santorini is where romance goes for a honeymoon.

The Food

Olives, feta, spanakopita, calamari: of course the Greek staples are available in every restaurant. But for an authentically Santorini food experience, you need to try the cherry tomatoes named for the island. Found nowhere else on earth, they’re sweet, small and delicious. The other great local delicacy is the white eggplant, or apple of love. So named for their claimed aphrodisiac properties, they require no watering, and like Santorini tomatoes, they’re only found on the island.

The Wine

Greece might not boast the world’s most famous wine varietals, but Santorini does offer a pleasing array of local specialities with Assyrtiko being the most popular and well-known.  A white grape, Assyrtiko is the main varietal in the locally classified Santorini, Nykteri and Vinsanto types. Athiri and Aidani – also white – make up the bulk of the rest of the grapes on the island.

So whether you’re a history buff into the Classics, a foodie with a taste for the Opa! or simply looking for a room with the most spectacular view imaginable, Santorini should be at the top of your list of vacation destinations.


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