6 Ways to Follow the Latest Fashion Trends on Budget

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Staying up on the latest fashions and style is fun.

But getting your credit card statement after stocking up on the season’s big trends can be less than fun, especially when you decide to splurge on designer pieces.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wear boring fashions or last season’s trends to stay within a clothing budget. Ashyia Hill from the consumer credit card website, CreditDonkey, shares how.

Here six great tips you can follow so you can stay in the latest fashion trends this year without trashing your budget.

Be thrifty

One way to save your budget when looking for high fashion styles is to hit up your local thrift shops. Many fashions tend to resurface over time, so when you go thrifting, you may be able to find vintage pieces that work into this season’s trends.

To get the most out of your thrift shop finds, be willing to do some DIY work at home. Pull out your scissors and sewing machine so you can customize the pieces to make them look modern and fit your frame. If you don’t have a sewing machine (or are unsure on how to use one), there’s no need to fret. There is quite a bit you can accomplish with a needle and some thread. You could also call upon the help of a family member or friend who you know to be crafty.

Be willing to swap

A great way to save money while freshening up your wardrobe is to host a clothing swap with your friends. Call upon your fashionista friends to gather at your place with the clothing that they no longer wear.

You may think that a clothing swap would result in old fashions, but that isn’t always the case. You will be surprised to find that friends will be some high-quality, current pieces that they purchased but were never able to successfully incorporate into their wardrobe!

Be open to gift cards

The next time your sweet Grandma or dear Aunt Sue asks what you’d like for your upcoming birthday, ask for gift cards to the stores that you like to frequent. This will save you from receiving clothing that doesn’t appeal to your taste and give you some free spending money.

If you don’t have a birthday coming up, you can also cash-in your rewards credit card points for some gift cards. Rewards credit cards are a great way for you to get some extra money to put toward your clothing budget. By simply using the same credit card for all of your regular purchases, like groceries and gas, you will be earning points that you can cash-in for merchant gift cards. Many rewards programs these days have a wide array of merchants to choose from making it easy to use your rewards for your fashion fix.

Be e-savvy

You can find some fantastic deals simply by shopping online. Some great go-to sites include Craigslist and eBay. Both of these sites are ones that other consumers use to sell the clothing they no longer wear. By being diligent with your searching, you are sure to find current trends with tags still attached. Once again, these are pieces that others have purchased but found they just didn’t fit with their wardrobe or lifestyle. You can also frequent websites like Amazon and Overstock too for fashionable finds that are on sale.

Another Internet option is signing up for Groupon, Living Social and other discount sites. Various merchants sign up with these companies to send deep discount offers out to consumers in their area. Often, you will come across offers for funky clothing boutiques giving you the ability to pay $25 to get $50 worth of clothing (or some similar deal).

Be picky

When you are looking to splurge on a fashion-forward item, opt for a trendy accessory instead of a full outfit. This is often a less expensive route and will be more versatile, working with a wider range of outfits that currently live in your closet.

When it comes to your clothing pieces, opt for more classic pieces that never go out of style. This way, you have enough items in your closet that you won’t get bored with your outfits, especially when you add in the trendy accessories that you have picked up for the season.

Shop at discount stores

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross and other discount stores are your friends. Shop at these stores, and your credit cards will thank you!

Many people assume that discount stores are stocked full of last season’s fashions. However, as reported by The Budget Babe, a fashion blog that was invited to participate in a TJ Maxx fashion blogging event, TJ Maxx actually purchases the vast majority of its merchandise at the same time as department stores.

These stores have a web presence with many of them offering email alerts. Sign up for these emails and you will be in the know when the stores have some great new merchandise hitting their racks. This will help you snag the fashion-forward items before they sell out.

How do you follow the fashion trends without trashing your budget? Leave a comment below!

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