Shellac attack! is it worth it?

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Shellac manicure using UV light

Even though it made a grand entrance onto the market back in 2010, the Shellac nails trend is just being discovered by those living under rocks. Like me.

A cross between a polish and a gel? That doesn’t chip? It sounds like magic!

Well, it is magic. Or pretty close. My nails are terrible. I have the gross and awful habit of biting them when I’m stressed, so they’re barely worth getting manicured or fussed over at all. However, when my wedding rolled around, I tried to make a conscious effort to NOT bite them – I was going to get them all gussied up with a Shellac manicure. I ended up getting a French Manicure, and even my teensy nails looked like a million bucks afterwards. And for 14 days afterward.

Yes, Shellac is the stuff you put on furniture to make it look seriously glossy. But it’s actually safer than a lot of regular polishes. It doesn’t contain some of the more toxic substances found in some brands, like formaldehyde, DBP and toluene (look on your bottle at home). And yes, I was a little taken aback that they use a UV lamp to dry the polish. In actuality, you get more UV exposure walking across the parking lot than through the lamps that are used.

Okay, so let’s take a look at Shellac nail polish and some of the pros of this product:

  1. It dries instantly and doesn’t chip or smudge when you’re reaching into your purse for the keys 8 seconds after you leave the salon.
  2. The finish is beautiful. It’s really shiny and the color choice is growing all the time.
  3. Pricewise, it’s not that much more than a regular manicure. A little bit more, but does a regular manicure stay on for 14 days? Nope. Worth it!

The main con is that Shellac removal is best done by a professional, which costs extra. It’s tough stuff! By the end of 14 days mine was starting to peel, so I chipped away at it. This is not recommended. My nails looked ridiculous afterward. Please take your nails to a salon and get it done right (it involves a lot of tin foil and acetone).

Basically, Shellac is a wonderful method of polishing those nails on special occasions where having chipped nail polish just simply isn’t an option. It may hurt your budget if you go on a regular basis, but I would definitely consider it for that holiday party or wedding. It’ll look fabulous in photos.  No matter if you’re embarrassed at the state of your nails or not, you’ll love it!

Have you tried a Shellac nail treatment? Would you try it again?


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