Saving Your Love Life: Online Dating Tips for Women

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Even with online dating becoming almost the norm, we ladies are still very hesitant to use our laptops to search for love. In reality, online dating is much easier than building up the guts to chat with that hottie in line at Borders. But just like anything else, online dating takes practice, perseverance and a few tricks.

If you’re wondering how to meet a boy online, I’ve got a few tips to share – from someone who’s been in the trenches, then eventually found love on the web.

How to Write an Online Dating Profile

Before we get into learning how to date a guy online, let’s set up your profile. To truly find a compatible mate, you must be honest in every aspect and it should reflect who you really are. Here are a few hints:

  • Find a Flattering Picture. But still make it look like you.  Some angles can make you look completely different, and you want them to recognize you on the date. Get a friend’s opinion before posting.
  • Use bullets. Think of your profile as a marketing tool. Bullets split up the page making it easy to read. Always end with an action statement like “can’t wait to meet you.” The traffic on my profile went up by about 5x just by restructuring a little!
  • Be Funny. You don’t have to be a female Conan O’Brien, but guys like a little humor or quirkiness. And if you are a little quirky, you’ll want a guy that finds it endearing.

Online Dating Tips for First Contact

The first contact is crucial, as it can say so much in so little time. If you’re contacting him, come up with a catchy little line for the heading. In a fairly short message, tell him what attracted you to his profile (not looks), and ask a question requiring them to write back a little more. Add a quick sentence or two about yourself as well, so he will see how awesomely matched up you would be.

And please proofread. As easy as it is to make a typo, it looks bad in a 3 or 4 sentence message. Just like a resume, your profile could very well get tossed for not having teh rigth speling.

Tips for Safer Online Dating

Online dating can be a lot of fun, and may even lead to major romance (cue wedding bells!), but you always have to play it safe. NEVER give out your home phone or address until you’ve been chatting awhile. Even then, be cautious. ALWAYS meet in a public place. TELL your friends where you’re going. A check-up phone call from them wouldn’t hurt, and he doesn’t have to be the wiser. “‘Hello? No, I’m not interested in your newest phone plan. Thanks.’ Telemarketers.”

Online dating is a fun way to meet new people. Who knows? You may meet a great friend, or you may meet the love of your life! Once you’ve made the decision to try it, check out our coupons and get 5 days free.

You never know unless you try. <3

What’s your experience with online dating? Any tips on what has/hasn’t worked for you?


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