Saving Tips! …Saving Your Relationship, That Is

[ 1 ] December 20, 2010 |

Um, so what’s up with all the celeb breakups recently? Every day, it feels like someone around the office shouts, “No! What’s-His-Face and So-And-So are getting a divorce!”

I’m talking to you, Scarjo and Ryan Reynolds, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, Elizabeth Hurley and Husband, Dexter and His Sister.

So, since we at FS love writing about spending and saving, and we’re all clearly far too invested in celebrity relationships, we wanted to give you lovely people tips on saving…saving your relationship, that is.

Practical Relationship Advice:

  • Make time to go on dates that are fun for both of you (especially important if you have kids)
  • Take an interest in each other’s hobbies
  • Try something new together; if you both love cooking, take a cooking class, or try making a new recipe together
  • Have a joint account for household bills, but keep some money for  yourself & enjoy some financial freedom
  • Couples therapy!
  • When they do something nice, even small things, say “thank you” and mean it
  • Give each other at least 10 minutes to unwind when getting home from work
  • Never EVER continue a discussion in which you’re disagreeing when you’re hungry
  • Remember they don’t always think like you; there are dozens of perspectives & yours isn’t always the right one
  • If you think they look good, tell them
  • If you’re thinking about them during the day, send them a quick e-mail to tell them that

Now onto my personal favs:

  • Don’t be a gorgeous, successful, talented couple; that path only leads to ruin
  • Don’t get married when you’re still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship (Ryan and Scarjo’s courtship seemed to last about an hour before they tied the knot)
  • Don’t marry a celebrity…duh

Thanks to Shannon, Cristina, Lindy, Reizel, Pamela and Andrew for this sage advice.

What’s your best practical or sarcastic relationship survival tip?

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  1. Reizel says:

    “Don’t be a gorgeous, successful, talented couple; that path only leads to ruin”

    This one is my fav. cause it made me laugh!!

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