Reebok EasyTones Review – Do They Really Tone?

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Do Reebok EasyTone shoes really work? They supposedly tone your hamstrings, buns and thighs after just a few weeks of use. We decided to put them to the test. Read on!

Balance Pods

At the heel and forefoot of Reebok Easytones are two balance pods. They create intentional instability. The first couple of steps I took felt kind of awkward, but then I was off and walking, feeling the burn. Here’s how the toning part works:

  • The slight instability whips your calf, hamstring & butt muscles to attention.
  • Muscles automatically work a little harder to compensate for that imbalance.
  • When at a steady pace, you can actually feel butt & leg muscles burning – that’s how I knew they were working!

Fit & Comfort

  • Fit: A little large; I suggest ordering a half size down. Wide widths available.
  • Weight: The balance pods make the shoes a little bulky but not heavy.
  • Support & comfort: Good arch support & cushioning. Feels like Iā€™m walking on soft clouds!

Running vs. Walking

I wouldn’t recommend running in these. The balance pods might throw you off balance if you’re going at super speed. If you’re a runner who’d enjoy the toning effects of these shoes, then consider Reebok RunTone shoes. The pods at the bottom are placed to provide the same muscle toning while offering better balance for speed.

The Look

When I compare EasyTones to Sketchers Shape Ups, these shoes are so much better looking:

  • Style – EasyTone shoes look like any other running shoe. Wear them with jogging pants or jeans. I always have these on when shopping now.
  • Colors – Offered in White or Black with Blue, Gold, Purple, Pink, Tan & other colored accents.

My Verdict: A-

I’m not going to say these shoes gave me buns of steel and took inches off my thighs. I’ve only been wearing them a few weeks, walking about 5 days a week. But here is what they did do:

  • Toned my bottom – By butt feels more taught & looks lifted in my jeans!
  • Toned my legs – I could feel the burn but didn’t notice anything at first…until I got dressed up & wore pumps this weekend. My calves look spectacular.

I believe these shoes do what they say they do: tone muscles. However, it won’t happen if you only wear them when you go shopping, you’ll have to walk at least a few times a week to see or feel the difference.

Where to Buy Reebok EasyTones for Less

The only thing that’s more wonderful than these shoes is getting them for less. So, shop online with free Reebok EasyTone Shoes coupons for free shipping on your order!

Get your pair today, and let me know what YOU think. Happy trails!


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  1. Cristina says:

    That’s awesome Daniella, way to go! Thanks so much for your feedback.

  2. Daniella says:

    Hey Cris. I saw your post on FB and thought I’d give my feedback. I have these and think they’re great! I wanted to shed some baby weight so when I walked Becca I’d wear them. I lost inches on my butt and thighs so I’m telling you they work! However, I did have a lot to lose ha! So results vary, but they DO tone. Great post, bye!

  3. Cristina says:

    Yes! Every little bit does count :) If you go grocery shopping once or twice a week, wear them then. You’d be burning more calories than you would if you were wearing simple flats. I say get ‘em!

  4. Shayna says:

    Well you might not see a difference right away if you only wear them every now and then, but every little bit counts, right? I’m pretty tempted to get a pair now.

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