No Valentine? No Worries: Ways to have fun on Valentine’s without a date

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you feel like you’re in grade five again: when you felt excluded from the popular group of friends. What you didn’t know in grade five is that you most likely wouldn’t enjoy being in a superficial group anyway. Today, it’s better to be with just you than on a date with anyone for the sake of not spending it alone.

It’s Just a Date

If you look at February 14th as just another day and not written in red with a heart shape around it, it really makes you realize how silly it is to get down about. I say celebrate that you’re single and happy with yourself rather than stuck in a relationship for the sake of not being alone; trust me – there are a lot of people out there in this situation.

Things to Do on V-Day sans a Date

Go out and have a party with your single friends – Treat it like any other night and have fun. My main rule is that you don’t overdo it with the margaritas and end up crying for an hour. We’ve all been there and runny mascara doesn’t suit anybody.

Rent the worst romance movies and make fun of them – This is fun. Notice how there’s always music playing when the guy is putting his heart on the line, saying all the things the damsel wants to hear. If I had someone follow me around in life with a lamp that dims, a saxophone, and a writer who scripts everything that came out of my husband’s mouth, my whole life would be a romance movie. My point is: romance movies are insanely unrealistic and your real love life should never be based on them.

Bake, bask and be indulgent – A lot of people find baking therapeutic. Invite your single friends over for a night of baking goodies. Brew some coffee or tea and sample what you made together.

Do something you love doing – Whether you love swimming, shooting hoops, dying your hair or reading a book in one sitting – today’s the perfect day to do it! Have a good time rather than sulking.

Pamper yourself senseless - Book a full day at the spa. Get the works including a full-body massage, a facial plus a pedi and mani. You’ll be in such a relaxed state at the end of the day you’ll fall asleep blissfully, forgetting what day it is – mission accomplished!

Set up a profile at a dating site – If you’re really hung up about being alone on Valentine’s Day, and you’re serious about being in a meaningful relationship, there’s no time like the present to get a move on your own destiny. Use free coupons and create a profile on one of the most successful dating sites. Upload a current picture of yourself and take all the time you need answering questions about your personality and what you look for in a partner.

Do you have any ideas for singles on Valentine’s Day?


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