new year’s resolution for 2013 – lose weight & keep it off

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It seems like losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution every year, and come March (or earlier), many people “forget” about it. I think it’s great that many want to be healthier, but it takes determination and having a plan of action… more than just a New Year promise.

Following a reasonable plan really goes a long way. We’ll break down some of the best weight-loss plans out there to help you make a more-informed choice, along with coupons to help you save on each plan. Just remember: With any routine or plan, setting realistic goals is key.

The Do-It-Yourself Routine

Small decisions make great impacts. Looking only at your end goal is overwhelming, but taking baby steps is manageable. How about deciding to exercise at least twice a week and say ‘no’ to bad-for-you foods two times more than normal each week? Compare this to what you were doing before, you’re already making a huge turnaround. And after seeing the initial results, you’ll be more motivated to do more and set bigger goals. Trust me; this is how I did it!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Tell your friends and they might hop on board or lend encouragement. I recently signed up for RunKeeper (it’s free), which lets you enter your workouts (cardio only) and track progress. Choose to share info with friends and you can even train together. Personal note: my friend and I are training for a 5K run in March!

Weight Watchers

Who hasn’t heard of Weight Watchers? They’re different because they help you make lifestyle choices. Their new Weight Watchers 360º is based on their proven PointsPlus plan which helps you make good decisions when it comes to food. This plan puts you in control and no food is forbidden. That’s the beauty of it! There are two ways that you can take advantage of them:

Weight Watchers Meetings

Weight Watchers Online


If your life is hectic, cooking more often at home might not be an option. Nutrisystem offers balanced meals that are shipped straight to you, so you can just heat and eat. What makes them different is that it is all based on the science of the Glycemic Index, so the food is both nutritious and satisfying. Benefits of this plan:

  • Offer: 40% off the 28-day programs
  • Plans for Women, Men, Diabetics & Vegetarians to fit your specific needs
  • Plans feature 28 days of food from a pre-selected menu or that you can handpick from over 140 items
  • Online tools to track progress with an online community for fellow members


Medifast also offers prepackaged meals for those with busy lives; however, their plan is based on a different science. Their meals are nutritious with low-fat proteins and healthy fibers, and are fortified with 24 vitamins to give you the nourishment you need. See some specifics:

Whether you choose to go at it yourself or follow a diet plan, there are several elements to follow for success:

  1. Think of all the reasons why you’re doing it and write them down.
  2. Track your progress. Fitness journal, before and after pictures, weekly weigh-in…
  3. Set reasonable goals. Don’t try to leap from beginning to end.
  4. Find your motivations. If you’re at a loss, see 1.
  5. Don’t be overly strict, or you might break and undo all the hard work.
  6. Move it and groove it. A good diet is good, but make sure you include some activities too!

For more deals and discounts on activewear, workout DVDs, weight-loss programs, please see our diet & fitness coupons.

Did you make the resolution to lose weight this year? Do yo have any tried-and-trued advice to offer? Let us know!

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