My Journey to 1 Million Tweets – Day 5

[ 2 ] March 21, 2011 |

Friday afternoon, I had a review… basically sat down with the team and analyzed my first couple weeks in this new role.  Lots of hours have been logged, met a ton of new people, and am loving my role here at Everyone is super pleased with what I am doing, so I am able to move forward with my next idea… on Facebook.

The deal I get is: ‘We will give you $1000 to play with, but you cannot start till you have 1000 likes on Facebook.’ Sounds fair enough to me, figuring it took the company over 4 years to get to 800. I should be able to do it in a couple weeks. Well, here is where I get blown away!

I run to my office and tweet this.  Then all of a sudden, the most fabulous (and I mean MOST fabulous) followers on Twitter show me that I was wrong. I underestimated the power of our followers.


That’s where it’s at! So the Facebook contest now launches tomorrow. I’ll give more details in my blog post soon!

I really want to thank  everyone that RT’d. Of course we had our usual friends – you know how we feel about you – as well as some new friendly faces:








      (OMG – just realized that’s a song),








      , and special thanks to the Sweepstakes Momma


I look at it as a gift and a curse: the power of our followers is making everyone work overtime. I wouldn’t change it for anything. We love all of you.

My day started very early, wishing people luck, saying good morning, the usual. Today was an important day here – our first real giveaway ended. I was so nervous that on my drive into work, I turned off the music and just pondered about everything that has occurred so far. I am so bittersweet about it all.

The draw is happening today – someone will win; 4700 people will not.

I wish I had the budget to give every follower one, but things don’t work that way. I am so happy I didn’t have to pick the winner. So Shannon did it…

Which means…

Turns out our winner, @kiernanproud, doesn’t follow us, tweeted once randomly, and is probably one of the very few I didn’t have interactions with. I sincerely hope that we can use this as a starting point.

How awesome is that – log in and get bombarded with mentions and celebratory tweets? Yes, you did win! Congrats and can you now please follow us? Maybe say hello once in a while? :)

But the end of one Twitter contest yields way for a new one. In my heart, I know that you followers put the “fab” in fabulous, so this is for you:

5 $100 Gift Cards Giveaway – It’s my new Twitter contest. Enter for your chance to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards for your favorite merchant!

Today has not been the norm. We had a huge contest that ended, our Facebook contest starts tomorrow, and my tweeting today hasn’t been up to par. I feel that I am letting our followers down. :( So…983,633 tweets until I hit a million. See you tomorrow!

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  1. MillionSpot says:

    Nice inspiration for my twitter goal.

    Now I’m thinking of an similar contest.

    Thanks and Cheers

  2. abitnerdy says:

    hehe I had the darnest time trying to find the link back to this blog :) But now I have it bookmarked. :) Anyhow, what a luckyducky the winner is, Congratulations to them! :D cheeers!

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