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mohair goat. source:wikipedia

Here’s the thing. A mohair sweater can either go one of two ways – tremendously vogue or absolutely terrifying. To really pull off mohair and look good doing it you have to be that person that can go into a thrift store and find 3 items that don’t look like they would go together but, as if by magic, actually work. It’s a feat. And it’s a skill not everyone has.

There are so many other stylish sweaters out there, why would you want to chance it? Here are some of my personal faves.  And they’re much easier to wear than mohair.

Here are some stylish sweaters  for women from Karmaloop that are so hot; they’ll have you saying no to mo.

forseti cardigan

This makes me all warm and cozy just looking at it. A sweater like this is perfect for running errands and taking the kids to school. It also has pockets, which is an added bonus. These kinds of sweaters show you can be comfortable and warm and still look chic and put together.

zapphira sweater

The Zapphira turns things up a notch. Those people wandering around downtown in the winter in tank tops are crazy. Sexy isn’t about how few clothes you wear, but feeling confident on the inside. See? Even sweaters can be sassy. Although unlike the picture, I may throw on a pair of cute leggings with this. Or jeggings even.

the benjamin sweater

Not only does the Benjamin look ridiculously cute, but it’s made from cotton. Washer and dryer, anyone? This number is perfect for sipping cocoa or merlot in front of a Hoarders marathon. Although a night in front of the TV is rarely a moment for couture, this is still lovelier than a giant mohair monstrosity.

and mohair done right

I’m sure there are still going to be those of you who swear by mohair. If you do venture into this territory at least do it in style. On days when the temp drops disgustingly low and fashion ideals must be sacrificed, it’s easy to throw the Ombre cardigan over your shoulders. Pretty, cozy and goes easy on the fuzz factor.

There’s no reason to be wandering about in an oversized, itchy mohair getup. There are plenty of options that are also affordable when you use our Karmaloop coupons for 10% off $35. Now that’s something to get all warm and fuzzy over.

What’s your sweater style? Do you have a favorite sweater?


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