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The so-called most romantic day of the year isn’t hearts, roses and chocolates for everyone. February 14th is fraught with events and activities for couples, but what about the singles and self-professed Bridget Joneses?

Tell Saint Valentine how you really feel with our top 8 ideas for Anti-Valentine’s Day activities:

1. Anti-Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon

There’s nothing better than using a feel-good holiday to watch a few feel-bad movies. Our suggestions? 500 Days of Summer, The Breakup, Kill Bill, Fatal Attraction, Unfaithful and any Lars Von Trier movie. Get your marathon started with our Netflix coupons!

2. Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

This might be the most obvious activity, but it’s worth it if you have a few like-minded friends. Whip up a batch of broken heart-shaped cookies, serve all your appetizers on skewers and blast some angry music. Also, have booze on hand. Lots of booze.

3. Have an Anti-Date

For those rare Valentine haters who are actually coupled up, go against the grain this year. Don’t bother going out to an overcrowded restaurant. Splurge on a nice bottle of wine, exchange a few gag gifts or buy the sappiest VD cards and make fun of them.

4. Take a Haunted Tour

Getting scared silly is the perfect antidote to frilly pink hearts and cupids. If your town offers a haunted tour of any kind (haunted houses, murder mysteries, etc.) what are you waiting for? Just use our free Viator coupons for 7% off the haunted tour near you.

5. Single in the City

Want to go social? Google your city + Anti-Valentine’s Day and you’ll be surprised at what pops up. Many urban areas across the U.S. have special events, bar nights and other social activities for the fabulously single on February 14th.

6. Send an Anti-Valentine’s Day Card to Your Ex

For the truly brave. You can find some great (and bitter) card ideas here, and some hilarious cards from Etsy here.

7. Celebrate “Singles Awareness Day” Instead

Couples get all the attention in February, but what about everyone else? This tradition actually exists in South Korea and China (Black Day and Singles Day, respectively).

8. Do Nothing

Don’t care about Valentine’s Day? As the famous motivational saying goes, “Keep calm and carry on”. Bust out that novel you’ve been putting off reading, eat something really delicious and unhealthy, or catch up on all those episodes of New Girl you’ve DVR’d. It’s just another night, after all!

For more Anti-Valentine’s Day goodness, remember to read our Dating Site Horror Stories. What are you doing on February 14th?

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