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My phone is terrible. Okay, it’s not so much terrible as it is old and simple and people laugh when I answer it. It was pretty cool back in the day, and to be honest I’m still a bit attached to my Motorola Flip W385. Go ahead. Have a giggle. At the time I bought it, it had everything I needed. It called people. It could send texts and even take really blurry pictures.

However, now that my contract is up, I’m thinking it’s about time to upgrade. I really love my husband’s iPhone, when I get a chance to check it out, so smartphones are looking pretty good right about now. Which one to get? Here are a few I’m currently looking at:

Samsung Stratosphere 4G

Like most smartphones, the Stratosphere has a touch screen. It also boasts a 5 mega pixel front and rear camera for video conferencing which is always nice if you have loved ones far away. Plus, it offers Bluetooth technology, which is always a nice bonus.

Galaxy Nexus

Ah, if I only had a million dollars…or even $700. This phone would be mine. The Galaxy Nexus is the first one to run on the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which means it’s pretty slick. Added features include multi-media messaging and email and calendar synching. That would be really helpful. Oh, and the cool factor of the Nexus right now is off the charts. Unlike my current phone.


HTC Wildfire S

One of the biggest pluses of the Wildfire for me is that it’s sturdy. If you’re a major klutz, you may want to avoid dropping it on purpose, but it’s a nice reassurance when your phone feels a bit solid in your hand. Although the screen is not necessarily as clear as some other models, it does have a cool feature in that the screen subtly vibrates when you “click” something to let you know the signal went through – a nice feature for those of us not used to a touch screen.


iPhone 4s

If the idea of purchasing a new phone is too overwhelming, there’s always the safe bet, which in this case is the Apple iPhone 4s. Should you go for broke (almost literally), and update to the newest version, you’re sure to get a treat in the iPhone 4s. The operating system makes it the most powerful iPhone yet. Then, of course, there’s Siri which is like having a personal secretary built into the phone. And if you love taking candid shots while you’re out and about, the camera is pretty great. Definitely Facebook worthy at the very least.


Please help me choose! Add a comment below about which phone you think I should get. And don’t forget to use Best Buy Coupon codes for free shipping on select phones.



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