how would The Hunger Games characters use coupons?

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If your finger has been even a tiny bit near the pulse of pop culture, you probably know all about The Hunger Games by now. Between the mega-selling books and the upcoming blockbuster movie, it’s been hard to ignore. But what we really want to know, naturally, is how frugal Katniss and friends would actually be if they were able to use coupons.


The Hunger Games‘ premiere heroine comes from humble means. She’s more resourceful than the average citizen of District 12. After all, her father did once tell her, “As long as you can find yourself, you’ll never starve.” Considering her survival and hunting capabilities, what would Katniss need coupons for?

We think Katniss would go crazy for grocery coupons. Even if she and her family had access to a modern grocery store, it’s hard to imagine her being a spendthrift shopper. If anything, she’d want to guarantee her little sister Primrose had food on her plate every day. Plus, her insanely precise bow and arrow skills would guarantee her that last box of Captain Crunch.


While Peeta is relatively wealthy and has a better upbringing than Katniss, he’s a romantic at heart, and surprisingly artistic. His creative abilities would make him well suited to use coupons for paint and art supplies. In fact, he’d probably even enter his own designs to Threadless if he didn’t have to, you know, worry about being submitted into a tournament where children are forced to fight to their deaths.


Gale’s a couple years older than Katniss and Peeta and his priorities are a little different. While he’s skilled at hunting and good with his hands, he’s a great deal more rebellious. Gale is really just a gadget geek stuck in a technologically-backward society, so he’d take great flourish in using coupons for tech goodies like the latest computer hardware.


District 12′s garishly dressed chaperone is as over-the-top and fashionable as a Panem version of Lady Gaga. If she comes off as snobby, that’s her fault. Effie wouldn’t exactly duck into her local Ralph’s with a 2-for-1 voucher on boxed wine. But we think that – as long as nobody else knew – she would be an online coupon aficionado.

Her interest in clothes would make her a repeat user of fashion coupons, while travel coupons would suit her career as chaperone as well as her desire to work in better environments. Can’t you just see her ringing up Viator to ask if they offer tours in any of the nicer districts?

Are you looking forward to The Hunger Games movie? How do you think it’ll compare to the book?

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