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For many fashion-forward women & men, buying magazines each month is an added expense which can add up to a lot of dough. And even though we know we shouldn’t, sometimes the temptation to take that magazine off the rack is just too much!

So start spending smart. Cut the cost (and the guilt) and still keep your monthly fashion indulgence. Purchase a subscription to your favorite magazine instead of buying issue to issue. It’s an easy and convenient way to save. So why not!? If you know you’re going to end up buying it anyway you might as well save yourself some money ahead of time.

Click the titles and/or images below to purchase your subscription at Plus, check out our coupon codes for savings on other magazines titles.


12 issues =  $15.00 (you save 71%!)

cost per issue = $1.25


6 issues = $12.00 (you save 60%!)

cost per issue = $2.00


12 issues: $18.00 (you save 57%!)

cost per issue = $1.50


8 issues: $9.97 (you save 69%!)

cost per issue = $1.25


12 issues: $19.99 (you save 52%!)

cost per issue = $1.67


12 issues: $15.00 (you save 75%!)

cost per issue = $1.25

Harper’s BAZAAR

10 issues: $10.00 (you save 75%!)

cost per issue = $1.00


12 issues: $19.99 (you save 44%!)

cost per issue = $1.67


What’s your favorite fashion magazine? Do you buy issue by issue or do you purchase subscriptions?


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