How to Make Blood Spatter Cupcakes for Halloween

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That’s right. Blood spatter cupcakes.

My friend Mia of Mia’s Cupcakes posted some pictures on Twitter of  “blood spatter” cupcakes she made. How cool would these be for a Halloween party??

Mia was kind of enough to write out the blood spatter cupcake recipe for us. Enjoy this sinful cupcake decoration!

For this season’s Dexter premiere, because I’m a cupcake nut, I made blood-spattered cupcakes. Since Halloween approaches, Shayna asked me to share my gory secret to these show-stopping cakes with you.


  • Cupcakes (I use vegan chocolate cupcakes, but Red Velvet is a good choice)
  • White frosting (Must be white, or off-white if you’re using cream cheese frosting)
  • Red food coloring gel (Yes, you have to use gel. The regular liquid kind doesn’t get it blood red enough and waters down the final product. I used Wilton‘s no-taste red, which you can find at JoAnn’s or Michaels.)
  • Red piping gel (You can get this in any supermarket, usually next to the canned frostings and the box mixes.)
  • Hot water (Lukewarm doesn’t cut it. It has to be hot, but not boiling.)


  • Toothbrush OR silicone pastry brush (note: pastry brush must be silicone. Silicone provides a spring-back that creates the proper spatter, which regular bristle brushes won’t. With a silicone brush, you’ll get more spatter and can do specific drops. With a toothbrush, you’ll get a spray, or a mist of “blood.”)
  • Toothpick or skewer
  • Bowl or cup (preferably something non-porous – this stuff stains)
  • Rubber gloves (I didn’t wear gloves and looked like I had just finished Lady MacBeth’s “Out Foul Spot” soliloquy for a week.)
  • Sink

How To:

Frost your cupcakes flat (instead of piping or swirling) to create an even canvas. Squeeze about a half-dollar sized blob of piping gel into your bowl/cup. Add some red food coloring gel until you get the color you like. (I like a REALLY dark red, so I used almost half as much food coloring as piping gel.) Mix together. If it’s not the consistency of runny ketchup, add a few drops of hot water. A little water goes a looooong way.

Now for the fun part.

Glove up, grab a frosted cupcake, your “blood” and your toothbrush or silicone brush and head to the sink.

  • If you’re using a silicone brush, hold the cupcake over the sink and dip your brush into the “blood.” Flick the brush downwards onto the cupcake, and be careful you’re not getting recoil on your ceiling. (“Blood spatter” on your ceiling can be hard to explain – especially if you’re using your future in-laws kitchen…ahem.)
  • If you’re using a toothbrush, put cupcakes onto a plate in the sink. Hold the toothbrush in one hand, and use the other hand to pull the bristles away from the cupcakes, so the blood sprays down onto the cupcakes.

Tip: More “blood” on the utensils means bigger drops on your cupcakes.

Want to really go bold?

I just got an order for a police officer’s birthday, and her husband asked for arterial spray, cast-off and high-velocity blood spatter. For those, I would use a silicone brush for the first two, and a toothbrush for the latter.

If you want to achieve more reality in your spatter (like me, I’m a crime scene investigation NERD), you can check out websites on bloodstain pattern analysis, like this tutorial. Note: site is not for the faint of heart and probably NSFW, as it’s hard to explain to your boss.

Happy bleeding!

Mia’s Cupcakes delivers in the Bellingham, WA and Whatcom County. Like them on Facebook for more info. Thanks for the tips, Mia!

Looking for more gross Halloween recipes? Check out for recipes like Tasty Stuffed Roaches and Severed Fingers and for recipes like Edible Eyeballs. Bon appetit!

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