How to Find College Textbooks for Cheap

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The smell of a new book can be euphoric. But that sweet scent can turn sour once you find out how much it costs.

I know the feeling of reaching into your pocket to find nothing but lint… it’s frustrating. But college texts no longer have to be a pain in your bu-ahem!-dget. Read on to find out how to find discount textbooks.

Cheap Used Textbooks at School
  • Visit the school bookstore – Most college book stores have a section for used books at lower prices. Get there at least a month before school begins for a good selection.
  • Check bulletin boards at school – See if other students are selling the books you require. They need to beef up their own cash flow for texts, so selling to savvy students like you is ideal.

How to Find Cheap Textbooks Online

I suggest you make a list of all the books you need and write down their ISBN numbers to make searching faster. Check out these online stores for cheap textbooks and enjoy an even greater deal by using our free coupons for them:

Another way to save time and money on texts is by visiting BestBookBuys. Type in the ISBN, author or title of the book you need and instantly get a list of online stores that have the book for less. Compare prices all in one place, then come back and check our bookstore coupons for deals.

Don’t forget about the easiest way to find cheap texts… social networking sites! How fast do friends respond to your status updates on Facebook? Well, whether you use Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, all you have to do is ask who might have a book you need. Done and done!

Borrow or Rent Your Texts
  • Borrow – If you’re good at returning books on or before the due date to avoid late fees, this is a great option. Visit your school or local library to see if they offer required texts. Many libraries let you renew your book to keep it for longer periods of time. The only downfall with this option is that there will be a limited amount of books offered, so you may not always find what you need.
  • saves the day! You can rent a multitude of textbooks from them for a low fee. Texts are shipped to you quickly, and when you’re done with them, ship them back for free. If you’re an environmentalist, you’ll love that they plant a tree every time you rent with them. With the help of, students have saved more than two-hundred billion dollars.
Printable Books or Chapters Online
  • Printable Books – When you do your research, you’ll find textbooks for cheap… or free! Thanks to online companies like Project Gutenburg, students are saving a bunch of cash. They offer printable eBooks online for free. There’s no need to register or pay any kind of membership either. All they ask is that you leave even a small donation that you can afford so that they can keep providing this free service.
  • Printable Chapters - This is great if you join a reading group. Everyone can read an assigned chapter from a text and make notes to share. And iChapters offers eBooks and eChapters that you can print out for a low fee.

You’re dishing out enough cash for tuition, transit, school supplies and everyday expenses. So save on one of the most expensive things on your list, your texts.

Do you have any tips to share on how to find cheap textbooks?

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