How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

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I have to admit something – airplane travel makes me anxious. Claire from Modern Family said it best, “At the end of the day, a plane is still a building on its side being thrown from one place to another.” Right? Yikes. Flight, however, becomes inevitable for those who need to go a long distance between point A and point B.  It’s not something you can ignore forever, unless you’re fine with bottling up your worries.

“See, she’s fine! …Oh.”

So how exactly does one overcome this anxiety? Buckle up and read on:

Get Educated

Oh, the wonders of the internet. There are a ton of online resources available to school you in the physics of flying. This is especially helpful if your fear relates to a lack of control while in the air. The force that allows a plane to lift off is just as solid as the force that allows a car to stay on the road. Aerodynamics keeps planes in the air, plain and simple.

Get Support

If you inform the crew or a flight attendant about your anxiety, they’ll be extremely hospitable and reassuring. I have an aunt who was notoriously nervous in the air, but once she voiced her concerns, the Captain was careful to explain all the bumps and minor turbulence the plane encountered. It made her feel that much better, and now she’s a frequent flyer.

Get Crunk

And by crunk, I mean sedated. Look, there’s no shame in popping a pill to quell your apprehensions. Celebrities do it all the time! On the ground! Sometimes while driving! There’s no real harm in taking a snooze, unless you really want to spend 7 hours staring at your lap. But if a prescription rest isn’t for you…

Get Distracted

Modern technology seems like it was made for long, tense plane rides. Why sit in fear when you can rock out to Radiohead (or, um, Ke$ha) on your iPod? Bring your PC tablet to doodle on or skim the latest Stephen King chiller on your eBook reader.  There’s usually an in-flight movie to gawk at, or if you prefer, you can always watch a guilty pleasure on your iPad. Spice World at 30,000 feet above ground? Yes please.

Have any tips on how to cure flight anxiety? Leave us a comment!

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