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[ 1 ] January 21, 2011 |

Colleen is the creator of Bee Fit – a blog that follows her weight loss journey and offers tips, advice and healthy recipes for fellow dieters.

The Motivation Factor

Weight loss is never an easy beast to tackle. The main problem is getting the motivation to begin and keep the momentum going long enough to reach your goal weight. Often many people are desperately seeking a quick fix and want to reach their goal quickly. This is unrealistic; a true healthy journey will take time and dedication.

One should not get discouraged when they do not see the weight come off immediately. A reasonable amount of weight to lose is 1-2 pounds per week. If you lose massive amounts of weight at once you risk losing muscle too. And muscle burns calories; you do not want to lose muscle!

Small Changes = Big Results

Anyone can get healthy and lose the weight. It takes small changes over time to build a healthy new lifestyle. One of the main things to do is track your calorie intake. By writing down everything you eat every day you become accountable for yourself and more aware of what you are eating. You can track your calorie intake accurately and help reduce the amount you eat.

Preparation is a main component of any weight loss regimen as well. By preparing meals ahead of time and bringing healthy snacks and a lunch to work you can help your weight loss. When you prepare ahead of time you are ensuring you will be successful with your plan!

Come visit my page anytime for tips, tricks, and recipes. Remember you are not just going on a diet, you are committing to a life style change!

Do you have any weight loss tips of your own? We’d love to hear ‘em! Leave a comment below!

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