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As fun as it is to spend time with loved ones, exchange presents and bask in the warm glow of seasonal merriment, we all know the real reason to look forward to the holidays: drinking. My social circle is throwing a Christmas bash and, for reasons unknown to me, I was elected the bartender. I was daunted by the request at first, but the more I thought about it, the more fun it seemed.

I know a pretty diverse group of people, and if you do too, this is your chance to show off your bartending skills by tailoring cocktails to everyone’s unique personality. Intrigued? Get out the corkscrew and read on…


The Dieter: Bethenny’s Light Eggnog Cocktail

We all have a friend who is constantly dieting, either casually (“I want to lose three pounds”) or painstakingly (“How many calories are in this almond sliver?”). Either way, this light but delicious cocktail by diet maven Bethenny Frankel will make them think they’re being more naughty than nice.

The Theater Major: Winter Spice Screwdriver

Chances are the dramatic, flirty wild child in your life either majored in Theater Arts or… performs monologues on street corners. Put a stop to their party showboating by handing them this yummy, spicy twist on the Screwdriver.


The Optimist: Cuppa Good Cheer

I have a friend who’s always in a good mood. If I wasn’t so petty, I’d ask what her secret is. Regardless, your peppy pal needs a libation to match, so whip up a mug of this feel-good hot drink. Warning: the Cuppa Good Cheer’s combo of hot cocoa and cherry vodka will have him or her bouncing off the walls.


The Ice Man (or Woman): Winter Tropic

It’s not that you don’t like the Ice Man, it’s just hard to crack his shell. So melt through his frosty exterior with this mix of strawberry margarita, vodka and cranberry juice. It’s hard to imagine anyone staying frozen after a few sips of this.


The Environmentalist: Green Christmas

This is my own personal recipe. I know a lot of hippies. While they’re usually happy to drink whatever’s in the cupboard, I like to make fun of them with this super environmentally-conscious concoction:

  • Hot apple cider
  • Organic lime juice
  • Agave nectar
  • Fair trade whiskey

And if I do say so myself? It’s pretty darn delicious (although not literally green – maybe add some ethical vegetable-based vegan food coloring for that).


The Frenemy: The Grinch

Unfortunately, with holiday parties comes the social obligation to invite that friend-of-a-friend you don’t quite get along with. But that’s okay! Serve up this sweet but sour cocktail to let them know you keep friends drunk and frenemies drunker.


The Modest Mouse: Blushing Lady

Where there’s a holiday shindig there’s a wallflower. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but hey, it’s a party, people should mingle! Mix up this sweet combo of pink grapefruit juice and pomegranate liqueur for them. It might seem like a demure drink, but it’s got a kick that’ll have them, well, blushing.

Do you have any special holiday drink recipes to share with us?

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