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Every year the arrival of October 31st brings about both excitement and stress. You get to play dress-up and maybe go a little ape crazy, but the looming question is always: Who’ll you be this year?!

To make it a little easier, I did a bit of research and polled our office for top women’s Halloween costume ideas for 2012. Plus, our fs-exclusive coupon for BuyCostumes gets you 10% off $50 or more orders with promo code fabu10.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume

Price: $44.99

Catwoman was more of a supporting character in the movie, but Hathaway definitely stole the spotlight whenever she appeared. You could do the same with this! The jumpsuit comes with attached shoe covers, mask and belt, so all you need are the shoes.

Snow White & The Huntsman Queen Ravenna Costume

Price: $52.49

I didn’t enjoy the movie, but Charlize Theron was beautiful in her gown, so I had to include this costume. It looks so luxurious!

Here’s the Snow White & The Huntsman Snow White Adult Costume (priced at $37.49).

New Girl Jessica “Jess” Day Costume

Love this show! Ms. Day’s costume is not hard at all. Just wear your hair long and wild with bangs, put on a sweater cardigan, a skirt, a pair of black tights, and voila! If you want to add to the look, try on some Black Glasses for Adults from BuyCostumes (priced at $8.99).

Tan Mom Costume
Image source: NYPost.com

Please, please, please don’t hit a tanning salon. Go with an orange bronzer instead (you don’t need to apply it evenly). Draw in wrinkles using a brown eyeliner or lipliner. Then, blend using a sponge or your fingertips. To get the dry pale lips, lightly apply some foundation powder.

Grab the Soccer Wife Adult Wig ($12.99) to top it off. Hairspray and brush some strands down towards the scalp to create frizz where you want, then use a clip to secure the bangs.

Katniss The Hunger Games Contestant Costume

Price: $49.99

If you don’t have a black windbreaker, black tee and khaki pants, then make sure to get this costume.

Otherwise, just use what’s in your closet, then pick up the Contest Adult Wig ($16.99) and the Bow and Arrow Set ($8.79) for an affordable yet effective costume.

Bubble Gum Pink Wig for Nicki Minaj

Price: $19.99

Like her or not, Nicki Minaj definitely is a character that gets people talking. So of course she’d make an appearance on Halloween. Just think bright colors and tight clothing. Work this bright-pink wig into your costume, slap on lots of makeup, and you’re done. Oh, just make sure to act a little kooky.

There are lots more costumes and accessories available BuyCostumes. And remember: if your entire order totals $50, you’ll save 10% with promo code fabu10. So pick up a few accessories to make your costume look authentic!

Who will you be this October 31?


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