Gym Etiquette: Dos & Don’ts of Working Out at the Gym

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Now that it’s January, you might want to hit the gym to work off those holiday hips. Before you do, read up on our 10 dos and don’ts of how to act in the gym – you know, as a refresher course.

Gym Etiquette Dos

1. Do wear deodorant & practice good hygiene
I know you already know this, but perfume and cologne don’t mask odor. They actually combine with the odor and then morph into a scary bad-odor monster.

2. Do help someone out if they ask for a spotter
Being a snob is frowned upon. If someone asks for a spot, help them out. Next time you need a spot and they’re around, they’ll be likely to return the favor.

3. Do rerack your weights
When you’re in your zone, it’s annoying to have to go on a wild goose hunt for weights. So when you’re done with your weights, be sure to rerack them for the next person.

4. Do be nice to the equipment
Not only is slamming weights together bad for the equipment, you’ll start to notice some cut eye coming your way from other gym members – it’s a harsh, annoying sound.

5. Do clean machines after you use them
Yup, there are still some gym goers that don’t follow this rule. Bodily fluids are never a gift you want to leave behind. And if you want to be a likable person, you’ll clean it up.

Gym Etiquette Don’ts

1. Don’t hog machines
Everyone’s paying for their gym membership, so try sticking to time limits. Just remember how upset you’d get as a kid when your sibling hogged the tire swing.

2. Don’t talk on your cell phone while working out
It really makes you look silly and annoys people. Also, you’ll avoid the risk of being laughed at if you lose your footing and face plant the floor.

3. Don’t wear an elastic band as a workout suit
No matter how hot of a body you have, once you’re sweaty and red-faced, you don’t look so hot.

4. Don’t place your belongings on four different machines to “save” them
“Saving” a machine is never cool. And if you do it once, it’s like you always have a red flag over your head. It’s not worth it, man.

5. Don’t give workout advice to people
No one likes being told they’re wrong. But if someone is about to injure themselves because they’re not using a machine correctly, at least wait until they’re done their set and mention it to them quietly. And be polite, of course.

Do you have any dos and don’ts you’d like to add? Let us know!

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