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Today we continue our look at men’s fashion trends for Fall 2012, but instead of parroting the advice of a stuffy old style guru, we thought we’d take it to the streets and crowdsource our inspiration. Pinterest, unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, is an image sharing social network and the new source for style.Thanks to Pinterest and clever shopping sites like Polyvore and ShopStyle, anyone can be a fashion editor. So let’s take a look at what the pinners think will be hot for men this season.

Dark Jeans, Rolled Cuffs

For fall, slim dark jeans are once again a must-have for stylish men. But what’s also required, in addition to a gym membership, is a roll or two at the cuff. Rocking this collegiate look requires a little edge, so wear good socks and maybe grow a beard.

The Gap has dark jeans (roll your own cuffs!) starting at $24.95.

Superslim Suits

When the great European capitals held their respective fashion weeks, it seemed you couldn’t swing a zoom lens without smacking a hipster in a too-tight suit. One-buttoned and taking the waist WAY up, they straddled the line between ‘slim-fit’ and ‘about to burst’. The IT color is dark, dark blue (even black) and the must-have accessory was the bow tie, followed closely, again, by the beard.

Get yours (the suit, not the beard) at the Bloomingdale’s men’s store.

Leather: Gloves, Shoes, Weekend Bags

Leather, leather, everywhere. Whether it be accessories like gloves, shoes, a weekend bag or decorative accents on the clothes themselves, leather is hot. If you dare, this year might see the return of the mythical leather pants. Have talcum powder at the ready.

Bluefly offers 11 pages of leather clothing and accessories for men.

Oxfords and Brogues

We wrote about Brogues as a cool summer shoe for the ladies. They wore them with shorts and skirts. But for us gentlemen, Oxfords and Brogues work well with the aforementioned cuffed-jeans. Available in all sorts of colors, I like my shoe color like I like my ice cream topping; caramel.

Check out my curated selection at OnlineShoes.com

Of course, our one can’t-miss piece of male fashion advice for 2012 is ‘Be Ryan Gosling’ (even David Beckham can’t tear his eyes away!)




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