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Finding the perfect gifts for those on your holiday wish list can be pretty stressful. Sometimes we over think it, trying to find that unique gift, when in actuality some of the best gifts are the ones we all want.

I did an informal poll of our staff to see which items are on their wish lists this year. The result? We are one tech-nerdy bunch. And we also love our sleep.

Kindle Fire. One of the most popular items on our holiday wish list seems to be the Kindle Fire. I live in an eReader-friendly household, and they’re absolutely amazing. But the Kindle Fire takes it one more step, adding tablet elements. It includes free cloud storage for all your movies and music, as well as a super-swift dual-core processor. And it’s in color!


Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This was a close second in the polls. The Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to run on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It’s a big deal! I’m not 100% sure what that means, but it sounds fast and delicious. (If you can lay it out in plain-speak, comments are welcome.)


Nintendo 3DS. Gamers everywhere are waiting impatiently for the possibility of getting the Nintendo 3DS this year. This portable gaming system offers 3D imaging (no glasses needed), parental game restrictions, and you can even adjust the “3D-ness” of the screen.  Handy!


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. When Mr. Jobs and Mr. Isaacson were planning this book, Steve made it clear he wanted everyone interviewed, both friend and foe, to be completely honest. What came out of the almost 40 interviews conducted is a completely rounded story of a man who was tough as nails, a visionary and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.


The Snazzy Sleeper. Running a website is hard work, as shown by this submission by one of our staff. No words. Just watch. Oh, and it’s very real: Watch it here.  

Honorary mentions go to the iPad2 and iPhone 4S. Basically, if you’re stuck on ideas, look towards the world of electronics and tech gadgets. And don’t forget to use our Amazon coupon codes to save. So, tell us: What’s on your gift list?


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