Fab’s Journey – “WTF Is a @letsgolakers086?”

[ 16 ] June 21, 2011 |

The following is a true story.

So the other night, I was out to dinner with my family. Everyone was there since it was Father’s Day: my brother, his wife, their kids, Mom and Dad, my grandparents.

My brother was telling us that he and his wife are excited about their vacation away from their kids and are staying at the Cosmopolitan. So being the Extreme Foodie that I am, I recommended the Wicked Spoon Buffet:

A bustling culinary food hall, the Wicked Spoon Buffet delivers well-crafted original selections for every appetite. With its mix of top quality, familiar staples in addition to imaginative and seasonal dishes, this Las Vegas eatery will satisfy cravings and invite discovery.

    Fab: It’s brand-new! I recommended it to a good friend of mine who loved it. Said it was great!
    Bro: Yeah? Who’s this friend of yours?
    Fab: Oh, it’s @letsgolakers086!
    Bro: WTF is a @letsgolakers086?

My sis-in-law gives me the Zoolander look.

Then began the awkward pause, and everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

Then out of nowhere my grandfather says, “What about the Lakers? They should have went all the way!”

That was when I realized I blurted out a Twitter friend’s name. It just came out so naturally that I didn’t even think about it.

    Fab: It’s Twitter. Y’know tweeting with people, businesses, consumers… 140 characters.
    Bro: WTF is Twitter??

Sis-in-law still looking like Zoolander.

Mom and Dad looked at each other like their kid is on drugs.

Leave it to my grandfather to break the silence again: “Too bad about Kobe and those Lakers.”

It’s been two days since, and I just got a call from Mom asking if everything is OK with me.

I guess not everyone tweets…

Share your funny story about Twitter by leaving a comment below. It could win you a $25 iTunes gift card to buy some funny movies with. Winner will be announced tomorrow.

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  1. ellen says:

    I am on twitter so much that anything I say can be in 140 charactors less.

    Really, I hate to continue, cause that was under 140 and i hate that darn – sign!

  2. jeannine m says:

    I find myself talking in tweet all the time. the other day I was on fb and started typing like I was on twitter with the hastag and all

  3. Toni Moore says:

    I’m on twitter so much when I think something is funny I think LOL in my head!!! Is that funny or sad? LOL! :D @VectoringMomma

  4. Love it! So funny!

    A couple of weeks ago I was at a conference and I was taking notes, for myself mind you. I started using hashtags in my notes about people – really! It wasn’t something I needed, but I’m so used to adding hashtags on twitter that I’ve started doing it everywhere! LOL

  5. cindy H says:

    My coworkers love to give me a hard time about my Twitter obsession….when we go out, anytime we get on the subject (always brought up by me) They make a point to say very loudly…”sooooo did you Twot today?” gross….they know I hate when they say that…but I always laugh, teehee!

  6. Sara @Doodle741 says:

    LOL! I LOVE IT! I talk to my husband with @ names ALL the time! :)

  7. diandra v. says:

    This is when i first started using twitter 12k tweets ago my oldest got on my twitter app not knowing what it was and started 2 play jokes n send (messagesas he said) about me going 2 the bathroom etc. Not fully going into words but when i checked my acct. I had some pretty mean comments sent 2 me;( but all was fine if they couldnt take a joke glad they where gone lol by the way he did get into some trouble but it qas funny tho lol @DiandraN26

  8. jaimee says:

    my funny twitter story is not nearly as hilarious as yours- but I was talking to hubby the other night & told him “Pont (@pontowd) & Hair (@hairgirl1966) were laughing at me earlier about one of my tweets, because I tweeted myself.” Yeah. he started looking at me a little weird & laughing too. Esp since he doesn’t “get” or “do” twitter. Yes, I’m a nerd.

  9. mom says:

    my son answered the door and decided to tell the delivery man- mom is in the bathroom- shes busy twittering- ok I was in the bathroom giving my younger one a bath watching a tweet party- he thought something else- he as in the delivery person- my son yelled mom this guy has a package for you and I yelled does he have a big package- son did not get it but the delivery man took it as dirty, I grabbed the baby and went to sign for the package- and yes it was a big package..and yes he was cute.

  10. Sara C says:

    Hmmmm… I don’t think this is funny like your story, but I happen to have @thePioneerWoman following me on twitter, which I think is pretty fabulous, because, she’s well… just awesome. But anyways, some might wonder WHY on earth she would follow me… (she has almost 200,000 followers and only follows less that 400) anyways I made a joke about the movie, “Pete’s Dragon” which is a lesser known Disney movie, and apparently she loves the movie as much as I do. So BOOM, she followed me. And now I can say I bonded with the Pioneer Woman over a cartoon dragon.

  11. Claudia D says:

    After writing all of that, I saw that the contest was for a story about twitter. Now I feel like a dork. Can this be my funny story about twitter?

    • Claudia D says:

      and by this, I mean my mistake and writing that whole darn thing out and realizing I did it all wrong…and add to that fact that now I am babbling about it……I’m an idiot.

      • Shannon says:

        LOL no you’re not! Your story is too funny. We’re definitely counting your story for the contest. We’ll take a good story anytime :)

  12. Claudia D says:

    My funny story:
    Over the weekend, I was spending time with my mom and she decided to wanted to look at an open house in her neighborhood. She loves doing this to get ideas for home improvement ideas/things to do in her house.

    We take the flyer that was put under her door and my father parks the car in front of the house. Outside is a sign that says ‘OPEN HOUSE’. We head up the front steps and enter via the screen door. The front door was already open. We start looking around the den and the dining room.

    After a couple of minutes, a couple walks out of the kitchen and says hello and my mother and I say hello back. My mom then asks them if they are the ones making the open house or if they are visiting for the open house. The man’s response, “My wife and I live here and my wife is making dinner BUT it’s not open to the public! There is NO open house here.”

    My mom and I look at each other confused, and ask almost at the same time, “This isn’t the open house?” “Nope. The open house is down the corner”, he says, “but thanks for visiting!”. Then, the couple turned around and went right back into the kitchen!

    No, the couple didn’t seem surprised that two strangers walked into their house and no, they didn’t chase us out…they merely thanked us and went back into the kitchen. Embarrassed, my mom and I walked out whence we came.

    If it were me and some strangers walked into MY house, I would crap in my pants!

    It was funny enough my mom and I wrongly assumed where my father parked was the house, especially based on the placement of the open house sign but even funnier when the couple didn’t seem to care we were looking around their home while they were preparing dinner!

  13. Crystal lewis says:

    Haha funny twitter story. I love this topic. It’s so hard to explain twitter. It seems like EVERYONE has it then when you talk to a friend or relative about it it’s like they have no idea what I’m talking about. So my story isn’t to interesting unless your in the moment but I will try to explain. (me trying to explain how I won my iPad)
    Mom: omg your kidding right? How did you get that!
    Me: I won it from @papertigersoft
    Mom: who is that?!
    Me: it’s a company on twitter who held a contest.
    Mom: oh…. Whats tweeter?
    Me: mom, it’s twitter. It’s a social network.
    Me: it’s (mumbles)..(clueless as to how to explain for a non twitterer what twitter is)
    It’s a website. You can tweet celebrities or enter into great contests or just interact with others.
    Mom: tweet?
    Me: (getting really frustrated now) ughh it’s like talking to people, like leaving comments on Facebook!
    mom: God I was just asking you don’t have to be so snappy
    Me: forget it I don’t know how to explain it
    Mom: it’s legal right?

  14. Susan says:

    When my daughter was about 6-yrs old, she said in crowded elevator of neighbors after SHE loudly flatuated: “Ewww, what did you do, Mommy?”
    This same daughter is now 30-yrs old and has a 4-yr old (my gorgeous, adorable, brilliant, lovable grandson!), who did exactly the same thing to her in the laundry room of her building a few weeks ago after HE flatuated loudly! Turnabout is fair play, is what I say! Must be in the genes!:-)

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