Do You Remember… Tetris?

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Tetris merchandise & productsRemember Tetris? This puzzle game might be simple in concept, but it can be challenging… and sometimes frustrating. You’d build the perfect rectangle with nine cells across. You wait and wait for that long piece to come, and it never does. And then you die. Fun times. Fun times.

Did you know that Tetris was originally released in 1984? Makes you feel old, doesn’t it! Even though it’s nearly three decades old, the game is still popular to pass idle time, and there’s lots of merchandise to help celebrate Tetris fandom. Take a look at some Tetris products that I personally think are super cool. 

Tetris Heat Change MugTetris Heat Change Mug

Available at:
Price: $15.11

A mug with moving graphics? Yes! Fill the mug with hot liquids, and the Tetriminos will appear to be falling down into place. Want.

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp LightTetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light

Available at: RAREWAVES-IMPORTS via
Price: $51.87
Note: ThinkGeek also has this product, called Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp, for $39.99. However, it is listed as out of stock. Not sure when it will be back.

This lamp comes in 7 separate pieces. Stack them and it’ll light up when they touch – it’s like magic. There are so many combinations you can try. Take my money now!

Tetris 2013 Desk CalendarTetris 2013 Desk Calendar

Available at:
Price: $3.74

This calendar doesn’t have moving pieces, but it still manages to be challenging. The matrix is filled with a designated white shape and you have to figure out which Tetriminos are used to create it. Each day’s matrix builds on the one from the day before. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Tetris Animated Alarm Clock2Tetris Animated Alarm Clock

Available at: ThinkGeek
Price: $29.99

The alarm is the Tetris theme song. For that reason alone, this clock is worth it. But you can also watch the Tetriminos fall down to form the digits on the display as time changes. AND the buttons are shaped like Tetris pieces.

Large Tetris CubeLarge Tetris Cube

Available at: Mastermind Toys
Price: $10.99

Ever wonder what Tetris is like in 3D? Wonder no more. This cube has 9000 possible solutions. How many can you figure out? It makes my brain hurt just thinking about it… which is why I want it.

Tetris Silicone Ice TrayTetris Silicone Ice Tray

Available at:
Price: $11.99

Listen. There’s no cooler way to make beverages cold than with Tetris ice. Nothing. Go get this now.

Tetris Epic Fail Classic Retro Video Game T-Shirt TeeTetris Epic Fail Classic Retro Video Game T-Shirt Tee

Available at: 2Bhip via
Price: $19.99

This brings back painful memories. Unfortunately, the tee seems to only be available in XXL and with limited stock.

Mossimo Tetris Print Scarf - MulticolorMossimo Tetris Print Scarf – Multicolor

Available at: Target
Price: $12

For those who wear their love of Tetris around their neck, this scarf will brighten your day with its colorful print. Not for undercover Tetris lovers.

Tetris Desk Tidy, 7-PieceTetris Desk Tidy, 7-Piece

Available at:
Price: $26.99

I know the point of this is to trick me into decluttering my desk, but I don’t care. It’s a cool way to organize the knickknacks on your work table, and if you get bored, play a little Tetris!

It’s OK if you want to get your hands on all of these. We won’t judge. Let your inner geek out!

Are you still a Tetris fanatic? Have you see other Tetris merchandise you want to get your hands on?

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