Diet Week: Day Two – Weight Watchers

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This is the second part of a six-part diet series. Each day this week, we’ll feature a different weight loss program or plan to help you achieve your New Year’s weight loss resolution.

The brand Weight Watchers is synonymous with weight loss. Since their first meeting in the 1960’s, people everywhere have been successfully shedding their unwanted pounds and living a healthier lifestyle through the program. Even celebrities, like Jennifer Hudson, can’t help but sing its praises.

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What makes Weight Watchers unique?

Eat What You Want

This is music to every dieter’s ears. Weight Watchers teaches how to make healthy choices. Their PointsPlus Program uses an algorithm that allocates points for every meal and snack you have based on their protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber content. Your daily point allowance is calculated when you sign up to join.  Your point allowance is based on several factors – like your age, physical activity and gender. Also, every week you get 49 Flex Points, on top of your daily points allowance, to allow you to indulge yourself. Although, it is recommended to not use all of your Flex Points for optimal weight loss.

The focus of the PointsPlus Program is to get you to choosing foods that are more filling (they call these foods Power Foods) and rewarding you for making healthy choices. For example, an apple is worth zero points under the program; making it an ideal choice when you get a snack attack.

Amazing Support

Weight Watchers’ members are incredibly supportive. Even the laziest dieter gets inspired and motivated from the online forums and weekly meetings. Whatever time of day, you can count on a Weight Watchers member for helpful advice or inspirations like: “If you kind of do it, it kind of works.”

Also, if your work schedule is as hectic as Justin Bieber‘s, you can choose between Weight Watcher’s Monthly Pass, where you can attend local meetings, or Weight Watchers Online. You can save over 25% on Weight Watchers Online with our coupon.

Great Tools

Another nifty feature of Weight Watchers is that they are everywhere, literally. It’s easy to immerse yourself into the diet, without sacrificing too much (it is still a diet after all) of your lifestyle.

Whip up delicious recipe with the points information already provided through Weight Watchers cookbooks. Or if you eat out often, Weight Watchers has a mobile app for your smartphone to help you calculate your meal points. There are also newsletters that keep you up-to-date with anything new and happening at Weight Watchers.

Surprisingly, this is just the tip of the Weight Watchers tools iceberg. Their website is sprinkled with other online tools you can use to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Are you already a Weight Watchers member? Or are you just discovering it for the first time? Leave a comment below!


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