Day Two of My Journey to 1 Mil Tweets

[ 4 ] March 18, 2011 |

One of the biggest parts of my journey is to make people feel fabulous. Our days get so busy, dealing with so much stuff, that sometimes we really don’t have time to look at the good.

Face it: life isn’t so simple anymore…

My first Twitter contest ends tonight. I am thankful that I was able to meet so many new people, have a laugh, a smile, get a new recipe, and even eat Breyers vanilla ice cream so someone could live vicariously through me. But my biggest accomplishment was having people take a couple minutes to tell themselves why they are fabulous! You know, take a good look at yourself and find the #fabulous in you.

A couple of blog posts written by two of our #fabulous followers telling us why they’re fabulous:

That really makes me feel like what we are doing is making a difference – both economically and personally. I like that – totally makes all this hard work worthwhile.

I wish all of the followers who entered the contest the best of luck. One of you will be announced on Monday as the proud owner of that new tablet from our favorite fruit company. :)

This blog idea of mine is a work in progress. An inspiration that is coming from interactions with our new followers. Look at Gary @expxlt1. He’s a new follower engaging with us, and we love it.

    Gary, not a lot of sites have followers like you. They don’t know what they are missing!

Follow Fridays blow me away. I’m just in so much awe every time I see people tell friends, family members and colleagues about us. It is so genuine. It makes everyone here want to work harder to give you the best service we possibly can. For many of us here, our days start very early and end extremely late – by choice!

Today started super early for me. At 6:56am…when #FF started to really happen. Here’s one from @martiferg:

And then like the Energizer Bunny, just kept on coming and coming and coming…meeting new interesting people along the way.

I met a @pizzalogger and asked the meaning of the name (it’s someone’s favorite racecar), and @vectoringmomma was very thankful I asked since it was her friend and she had zero idea. :)

I met a mermaid cat @lifeonprint who was very friendly and fun.

At lunch, as usual, Domenic beat Jesse in foosball…apparently pretty badly.

This afternoon is all about getting everything ready for next week, finalizing the contest, starting a new one on Twitter. And by the looks of things, on Facebook too since we’ll be reaching 1000 likes soon – thanks to all our #fabulous followers!

We wish good karma on our special friend @sethandShannon1. Today something went wrong with her camera, and she lost all her pictures. We hope you are able to get them back ’cause those are priceless.

And of course, tweeting!

You know how I say that it is not I, but our users, that put the FAB in Fabulous. I just wanted to point out a couple tweeps today for being so special…and really helping us make a difference!










It is now Friday at 6:17 pm Eastern. I now have 984,212 tweets to go. Stay tuned for Monday’s update post.

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  1. abitnerdy says:

    hehe I love seeing your shout out to friends from Twitter! :)*

  2. Birdie S, says:

    you have been a pleasure

  3. marjorie7777 says:

    You have the best host of this Ipad2 giveaway party, The hours you spend on your computer daily, The amount of caring and love you showed to each and every one of us priceless. Its been a pleasure to get to know you. I will continue to be here for you. Thank you for everything it meant a lot to me. I almost gave up on twitter because of all the scams on here. Thank you for helping me deal with some issue on here. This is heart felt. Thank you. *+*

  4. David Ferrandino says:

    Thanks for the good vibes

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