Day 9 of Fab’s Journey – Ups, Downs & Crazy Turns

[ 13 ] March 25, 2011 |

So I can’t believe that this week just flew by. You blink…then all of a sudden, it is all over. This week I was pulled in a million directions: meetings and more meetings, trying to make everything happen for everyone.

Kind of a bittersweet week for me – it was like a rollercoaster ride, full of ups, downs and even some crazy turns.

      I was saddened by the sudden death of one of


    ‘s near and dear friends.


    ‘s car got hit by a drunk driver, which was so tragic.
      It made me sad hearing about


      ‘s pets being sick and


    having a bad week. :(

Just seemed like a lot of sadness this week. Then it snowed out of the blue, which really just made everything worse.

But then there was lots of good, too.

    We met a lot of new tweeps, who helped us out lots. Our followers are so #fabulous, and every time I see a RT, it makes me smile.


    received his iPad2, the luckiest person I know… He only tweeted once!
      We figured out how to make everyone love our

photo contest

    . I made my first rookie mistake, listened, learned and fixed it…I am proud of that. Look at some of these pics. I love this! This is what it is all about.

Although this week I wasn’t around as much as I wanted to be, I learned some very valuable lessons…and that is #fabulous!

Remember: it is not me, but all of you who put the “fab” in

Today is Friday, and I have 982,216 tweets to go.


BTW, do you really want us to give away another iPad2? Tell me why.

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  1. LV says:

    the question is why NOT give away another iPad? more followers, more fun! another chance to win would be fabulous! please? ;)

  2. abitnerdy says:

    Oh goodness moooooo i love the fabulous cow! keke

    Aw, fab you’re wonderful for listening to feedback and doing something about it. *mwah love it. lovelovelove.

    Anyhow, yes you should have another iPad 2 giveaway because there are many homeless iPad 2s out there, and there are plentty of loving homes that would happily take one in. ;)

  3. Laura says:

    You really are FABULOUS. Thanks for sharing.

  4. William Carr says:

    Give away another iPad2 ?

    Yes, you should, because I’m in college and can’t afford one.

  5. Denise says:

    I agree with previous poster, i want to get one for my #fabulous husband, a #fabulous stay at home Dad.


  6. dublrs says:

    I think you sbould give another one away because I didnt’t win the first time….lol. No, seriously, I have a broken computer so I kind of need one! So tired of this tiny droid screen.

  7. bikeohio says:

    According to the contest prophecy, another iPad will be had from Fab.

  8. Addrienne mertens says:

    Sure an iPad would be great! I havent seen one or touched one for real
    But i hear they are #fabulous!
    Congrats on 7800 followers! =)


  9. @LLLSummer says:

    It would be Fabtastic :) . I want to win one for my amazing husband :)

  10. Cj (livelaughlovecj) says:

    Why should you give another iPad away? Hmmmm I know, for many, the only way one would ever in a fabzillion years ever hope to own one, is if they won one – and that is always #Fabulous! The joy it brings to that one recipient is priceless, and the fabulous joy you all have in making that happen just as priceless.

    Either way, we the fans are loyal to y’all no matter what you do. You bring us the best of the best in savings and that too is FABULOUS!

  11. Estella Miller says:

    Another iPad giveaway would be uber fab!

  12. Theresa Davies says:

    Another Ipad giveaway would just be plain PABulous!

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